September 29, 2022

Your favorite president is coming to see you soon: The first post on Trump’s new social media site


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Former US President Donald Trump is now sharing posts on a social media network he founded, ‘Truth Social,’ more than a year after being banned from Facebook and Twitter. Donald Trump Jr. shared a screenshot of the former president’s first post on the social media site on Tuesday, which is slated to be released later this month.

“Be prepared! Trump wrote on the new platform, which is the Trump Media & Technology Company’s answer to Twitter, “Your favorite president will see you soon.” In an interview with Newsmax, Devin Nunes, CEO of former President Donald Trump‘s social media company, said it is currently available for pre-order and will go live in March.

According to Reuters, the network is essentially identical to Twitter and allows users to follow both persons and trending topics. Instead of tweets, posts will be referred to as ‘Truths.’ Trump joined the social media site on February 10 and already has roughly 175 followers, according to screenshots of his account.

Following the attack on the US Capitol building by some of Trump’s fans last year, his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts were suspended. Following the ban, he claimed that he will start his own social networking platform to combat what he called “big tech’s tyranny.”

“I’m really looking forward to sending out my first TRUTH on TRUTH Social. In a statement made by the Trump Media and Technology Group, Trump said, “TMTG was created with a commitment to give a voice to all” (TMTG). “I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas on TRUTH Social and fighting back against Big Tech in the near future.”

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