September 27, 2022

Which cryptocurrencies to invest in the summer of 2022?


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The cryptocurrency market in spring and early summer has changed a lot. But even now, in a dynamic environment, there are hundreds of opportunities for investment and earnings. In an editorial review, we will tell you which cryptocurrencies you can invest in in the summer and which altcoins can become a happy dark horse for reasonable investors.

What happened on the crypto market in the spring-summer of 2022?
Before telling which cryptocurrencies to try to invest in, it is worth studying the state of the market in which the market has come to this moment. The crypto market-2022 practically repeats the dynamics of 2018 with the same deep drawdown of bitcoin, investor panic, and the fall of altcoins. But every investment market is always cyclical, so now is the time of opportunity for experienced investors.

What is the reason for the fluctuations-2022? Experts cite several reasons at once.

One of them is the extraordinary activity of Elon Musk, who said that bitcoin is toxic to the environment. You probably know that most of the mining is concentrated in China, whose economy is heavily dependent on coal. And coal is the first on the list to be withdrawn from use by the countries of the world striving for environmental friendliness. After Musk’s statement, an informal ban on the sale of Tesla for bitcoins followed.

There is a possibility that Musk made all these verbal interventions under pressure from institutional investors and financial regulators. It seems that this is only the beginning of tough protective measures proposed in the hope of driving cryptocurrencies into the framework of regulation. But bitcoin has been proving for years that it is quite ready to withstand blows and respond to them with the next rounds of growth.

But there is good news: PayPal announced that in the near future its users can safely withdraw their assets to third-party crypto wallets. In addition, now American banks have been allowed to store crypto assets of legal entities. There is only one condition – companies need to work within the framework of American law, and banks and financial institutions must comply with all laws and audit digital coins for origin. Analysts also note an increase in interest in minor currencies. Answering the question of which cryptocurrencies to invest in, investors are now considering investing in second-tier coins and withdrawing funds from the top altcoins to more risky projects. Such times!

Promising cryptocurrencies in 2022
Experts, and we along with them, warn about the high risk of investing in altcoins. Everyone is talking about the prevalence of bitcoin over the nearest top altcoins. The capitalization of the main cryptocurrency is higher than that of the rest of the market, and it is not known where all this will lead. But analysts also note that now the market has a good situation for buying alternative coins with good growth points.

Solana (SOL)
Quite good, and, according to analysts, the token of the Solana project – SOL is promising. The project is building a blockchain for DEFI and smart contracts. It will be such an alternative decentralized platform with a well-functioning ecosystem.

The main advantages are high transaction speed and low fees. In addition, passive income is available to token holders through staking. It is enough to transfer part of the funds to the validators of the system, who will definitely share their profits. This mechanism makes coin owners and traders (validators) practically one team. Solana has over 1,000 validators, and the more there are, the more decentralized the network becomes.

Ether (ETH)
The next non-obvious candidate for the main token of the coming summer is the good old Ethereum. The next hard fork, Ethereum London, is scheduled for July. In the course of it, the new protocol will be comprehensively studied. Experts suggest that on such a positive, the cryptocurrency will certainly go up. But the opportunity to take a coin at the minimum values ​​can also bring additional profit to the investor.

Binance (BNB)
The token of the specialized crypto exchange Binance – BNB has been growing against bitcoin for several weeks this spring, and indeed since 2018 it has been in a general trend. Soon the coin will reach local peaks and will try, having strengthened there, to storm new heights.

Moreover, this summer, the Binance exchange is preparing to launch an NFT marketplace. This is a breakthrough event not only in the local niche, but also in the entire cryptocurrency market space, because the commissions in the marketplace will be clearly lower than inside the Ethereum ecosystem.

The NFT market continues to develop briskly: in May, more than 80 thousand coins found their buyers. This is almost 4 times more than at the beginning of the year. By the way, the May peak has already reduced the amount of commissions and analysts expect that young artists will actively use NFT to save their work.

Promising new cryptocurrencies in 2022:

Another layer of summer investments is DeFi territory. Experts offer investors to take risks and bet on trading speculative transactions. This is more profitable than passively waiting for the growth of the same BTC, ETH or LTC, because it can drag on for a very long time.

Huobi Token
One of the candidates for the Growth Party is Huobi Token. The blockchain of this token has become interesting for many protocols as an alternative to Ethereum. Huobi is followed by two decentralized exchanges, Uniswap and PancakeSwap. The potential of PancakeSwap is impressive – it is trading at half the maximum values.

Chainlink (LINK)
Chainlink (LINK), a decentralized oracle network token, is also heavily undervalued. This is a new era token, it does not belong to a traditional crypto exchange, it does not grow from verbal interventions like memcoins, and it does not look like stablecoins. Oracles move data in real time and achieve results much faster than centralized ones because they use many sources of information and different business approaches.

Chainlink is the most popular and interesting oracle. It will stir up interest in the platform and the emergence of staking, which all users are waiting for.

The difficulty for the developers of this financial mechanism, which gives a chance to make money on passive investment, is that this is not a blockchain and it will not work according to the usual patterns.

Zilliqa (ZIL)
Zilliqa (ZIL) platform uses the concept of sharding in its development. What is sharding? This is such an algorithm, as a result of which transactions are divided into compact groups, allowing coin miners to effectively increase the speed of transactions using parallel checks. The dramatic increase in the number of transactions by almost a thousand times means a much higher blockchain throughput compared to Ethereum. If you don’t mind adding a risky but promising asset to your portfolio, this is a good candidate.

The utility token of the XCAD Network platform just takes advantage of Zilliqa. It is the first of its kind online and mobile monetization platform, with the possibility of issuing NFTs for top YouTubers. The platform provides an opportunity for content creators and their viewers to dramatically increase their earnings.

You can connect to the ecosystem simply by downloading the YouTube plugin. The plugin provides all the opportunities for monetizing viewer attention. Cryptocurrency has already been noticed by those who have millions of views on YouTube – the American video blogger MrBeast (97.3 M), the British rapper KSI (23.8 M), and the Indian YouTuber Gyan Gaming (14.2 M) while investing in NFTs? Why not!

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