September 29, 2022

What kind of guys do girls really want?


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Yes, girls LOVE confident guys with a sense of humor. But they WANT other guys with a number of certain qualities. Let’s imagine the prototype of the guy that any girl wants.

The difference between interest and attraction has long been discovered by all experienced seducers. When a girl says that she likes kind and interesting guys, she is not lying. She really likes them. But only as people with whom it is pleasant to communicate. And even if they manage to “drag into bed” a beauty, it’s not because they are kind and interesting. They just did so (consciously or accidentally) that the girl began to feel sexual attraction to them.

But you have a serious advantage over these “lucky ones”: you can consciously apply all the tips and seduce a girl many times faster than anyone else. Well, or at least increase the chances of a successful end to the seduction.

So what kind of guys do girls want?

First of all…


Those who never adapt to the desires of other people and to the rules that the girl is trying to impose on them.

But our weaker sex always tries to impose its own rules of the game. They just do it very subtly – so that you don’t even suspect anything.

In general, disobedience is a sign of strength. Only with great inner strength can one resist manipulation. It is thanks to this quality that many bad boys are liked by girls.

Moreover, at the very beginning, all guys have the same chances to seduce a beauty. Just after a while, an outwardly white and fluffy angel will try to test you for hardness. She can tell you directly or hint that you are behaving incorrectly. And the moment you start proving the opposite or trying to appease her, your attractiveness will fall below the baseboard.

And the only way to maintain and increase her attraction to you is to immediately demonstrate this defiance at the moment when you feel even a little pressure from her.


She started acting up, and you tried to cheer her up? Well, even if you managed to cheer her up, her attraction to you will still drop to almost zero.

The thing is that in her understanding, a man who depends on female attention and does not have the strength to punish her at the moment her whims appear is too weak.

Women have long understood that a weak man is unreliable, and he should not be trusted with his body. So they figured out how to check a guy for this weakness. The girl simply creates situations in which he does not want to show self-respect just to keep her close to him. But in fact, it turns out that in this way he only loses her respect even more (already completely).

No less attentively, she will observe your communication with other people. As soon as you let someone wipe their feet on you (even as a joke), this someone will like your new acquaintance more than you. Don’t ask why, it’s nature.


There are guys who open up a little part of themselves and then hide it from everyone. For example, if a bad guy begins to skillfully and lovingly communicate with a child (no matter whose it is), then he will show a different part of his personality. And the girl will have a strong desire to solve it, like a riddle. She will realize that he is not so bad and will try to find good personality traits in him (which automatically implies that she will date him :)).

You must have this secret too.

Never reveal yourself completely. Otherwise, having recognized you 100%, she will lose attraction to you.


Risk is a noble cause. And not only because you can win something, but also because the opposite sex immediately starts to like you.

True, there is one danger: at first she begins to like you, but then she will want to tame you in order to keep you safe and sound. On the one hand, the desire is not bad. On the other hand, as soon as she manages to “domesticate” you, she will immediately lose sexual attraction to you.


No, this is not about your courage in a street fight (although this is also one of the important factors).

True courage is shown in everything. Including, and in the ability to openly express their emotions and behave in accordance with their inner desires. It does not take a lot of intelligence to understand a simple thing: when you do not satisfy your desires, tension is born in your behavior and speech (in the common people – “mental foul-smelling heap”). This tension is well felt by girls, which allows them to understand how naturally you behave.


Doesn’t sound like a pikaper, does it?

Contrary to the general opinion of pick-up artists of All Russia, being a romantic is not so bad.

But there is one important nuance: girls accept courtship and romance only from those men whom they considered the best of the best. Those. from those who have all of the above qualities.

Most guys do not understand a simple thing: romance without the emergence of sexual attraction (on the part of the girl) only kills all the remaining interest in them.

Therefore, remember the rule: first you arouse interest in her and only then arrange a “romantic”.


If you are content with what you already have and don’t aspire for anything more, then congratulations – you have achieved Buddha-level enlightenment.

True, your new acquaintance will not care how enlightened you are – she needs you to be an ambitious man who can ensure a normal existence for her and your common child.

So try to talk about your grandiose goals. Well, of course, prove your aspirations with deeds.

You do not have worthy goals and, at the same time, you want to date the best women? Well, then the only way for you is to our seduction trainings. 🙂

What kind of guys do girls want? The ones who represent something. The above tips will only help create the image of a worthy man. But remember that you can’t stand on tiptoe for a long time. You have to become the best inside – for real, and not just outside, blindly copying someone else’s behavior.

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