September 27, 2022

Trump reacts to the abolition of the right to abortion in the United States by the Supreme Court


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Former U.S. President Donald Trump said on June 24 that the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal the right to abortion is the biggest victory for life that his efforts have made possible.

“Today’s decision (of the Supreme Court. – Ed.) is the biggest victory for life in a generation along with other recent decisions that were only made possible because I delivered on everything I promised, including the nomination and inclusion of three very respected and strong defenders of the constitution to the US Supreme Court, ”Axios quotes him as saying.

The current American leader Joe Biden believes that the health and lives of women in the United States are under threat after the decision of the Supreme Court to abolish the right to abortion. According to him, the country has been thrown back 150 years.

Biden is currently consulting with political aides and lawyers. Among the possible measures are access to medical abortion and the right of states to maintain the legality of abortion in their territory.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland also expressed disagreement with the decision of the US Supreme Court on abortion. He called it a blow to American freedoms and a rejection of the doctrine of judicial precedent.

American political scientist Eduard Lozansky told Izvestia that the verdict of the Supreme Court will cause powerful protests among the US population. He also allowed a wave of street violence.

The Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion rights in the country was overturned earlier in the day.

The repeal of that 1973 ordinance means that the nation’s federal laws no longer guarantee abortion rights. Going forward, abortion rights will be determined by the states unless Congress takes action.

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