Toyota has updated the SUV Land Cruiser Prado J150


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Toyota introduced a special version of the Land Cruiser Prado J150 SUV to the home market. The brand announced this on August 1 on its global website.

The new special edition is called the Package Matt Black Edition, it is made on the basis of the L package. New 18-inch wheels painted in matt black have been added to the car.

The radiator grille and part of the decor on the trunk lid are painted in a matte tone. The body of the Land Cruiser Prado Package Matt Black Edition is offered only in black or white.

The price of the new version of the Land Cruiser Prado in Japan is from 4,300,000 yen (about 2 million rubles).

There are no changes in the technical part of the car, it is still produced with two types of engines: a turbodiesel with a capacity of 204 liters. With. and gasoline, the return of which is 163 liters. With.

On July 27, Toyota announced that it wants to convert its Hilux and Land Cruiser models offered in Europe to HVO 100 synthetic diesel fuel. This will make the diesels of Japanese light trucks and all-terrain vehicles more environmentally friendly. It is noted that the new fuel HVO 100 can be mixed with conventional diesel fuel.

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