September 27, 2022

Top Tips Fix Plumbing And Septic Tank Issues Easily


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If you have a septic tank, you are well aware of the benefits it provides. How else would you expect to live in a lovely rural setting with no sewage connection?

Septic tanks enable you to do exactly that.

As a septic tank user, one of the last things you want is a malfunctioning or overflowing septic tank. It’s probably the worst nightmare you’ve ever had.

Thankfully, they remained buried and out of sight, if not out of mind, for the most part. But when things go wrong, they go wrong big time.

There are some best practices you can follow to keep your septic tank in tiptop condition. Simple things like sticking to a regular emptying schedule or keeping an eye out for those typical signals that it’s full.

However, certain things are simply beyond your control, and you can’t prevent them from going wrong.

So, with that in mind, we’re going to highlight some of the most commons septic tank problems, and how you may avoid, or fix them.

Here Typical Septic Tank Issues Explained]

1. Movement on the ground.

Even the tiniest prod could have a significant impact. Any shift in the ground can put a significant amount of strain on your septic tank. Fractures or even fissures in the walls of your septic tank may result as a result of this.

If this occurs, more serious septic tank issues may ensue.

The septic tank may overflow and require more frequent emptying. This may affect your current emptying schedule, making it more expensive for you.

If groundwater can squeeze its way through these flaws your tank will no longer be able to separate the liquid from the solid waste properly.

Ultimately you may need to replace your septic tank.

2. Root damage from trees or plants.

This is always a challenge, and it isn’t always easy to plan for. It’s impossible to predict where those roots will grow.

If your septic tank is too close to trees or plants, the roots can actually grow through the tank walls, causing difficulties. They might even be able to get through the lines that connect the tank to your home.

This might pose issues since the roots may allow liquid from the tank to escape while also allowing water from the ground to enter. Both of these things make it impossible for the septic tank to function correctly.

Not to mention that the entire situation will result in a terrible mess in the surrounding neighborhood.

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