September 29, 2022

Top 7 Things That Girls Hate About Guys 


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Do you think that your habit of throwing socks around the house does not like the girl? You’re right. But only in part. There are scarier things that women simply hate.

In male behavior, there are the most unattractive moments that girls hate in the most disgusting sense of the word. 🙂

Surely you thought about the habit of throwing socks around the house or squeezing toothpaste out of a tube incorrectly. But believe me, this is not the worst. I’ll tell you even more: girls can easily put up with this if they are really attracted to a man.

There are more terrible things that can easily deprive you of this girl. So, we present to your attention the TOP 7 most unattractive habits in male behavior that will make you lonely.

No. 1. Go towards her when she is hysterical

A woman should not be hysterical or show discontent at all if she somehow respects her man and his desires. Because he is the main one in the relationship, which means that his decisions are the law.

If there are conflicts and discontent, then this is the first sign that you are not 100% respected.

And if you also try to somehow please her, calm her down or cheer her up, then your behavior will annoy her even more (although she will never tell about it).

It was in the films that a man used to bend under a girl, and as a reward for this, he was loved even more. But in real life, things are different.

Naturally, the girl will try to create a temptation so that you show weakness and begin to adapt to her desires, try to calm her down, and so on. And if you give in to this temptation, you are in for imminent relationship problems.

No. 2. Build trust when there is no attraction

Another habit that men who do not have experience in seduction often “suffer from”.

In general, there are 3 stages in seducing a girl: attraction à building trust à sex. And they should go in that order.

True, many men often confuse the first 2 stages.

They may attempt to create trust (for example, through “personal” topics about childhood, about her attitude to something) at a time when the girl is not at all interested in them.

It looks at least like trying to get into her panties. Moreover, this creation of trust often borders on excessive softness in behavior, which irritates the female sex even more.

No. 3. Apologize for your actions and ask permission

“Excuse me, but can I meet you?”, “How would you look at if I invite you …” – a typical example of an insecure apologetic man.

But a man should not apologize!

The fact is that a woman has always occupied a secondary place and obeyed a man. And the man was in charge. And most importantly – he chose, not him. All sources of the history of the ancient world speak of this. Even now in African tribes, whose culture has not changed for several hundred years, men choose women, and not vice versa!

Therefore, when a man apologizes for his actions (for example, after a kiss, when a girl pulls away) or asks permission for them, it looks strange, unnatural and just annoying.

No. 4. Be indecisive and watch her reaction

This male habit (unfortunately, it has now become a habit) is somewhat similar to the previous one, since it is possessed by weak men.

If you look at her reaction instead of acting, or when you have already taken an action, but you are afraid that she will not like it, then she will definitely notice it. This masculine “quality” does not paint a man at all and only shows that he is weak (if a man is afraid of a woman’s reaction or is simply afraid to do something, then this is a sign of weakness).

Although a girl will never say that she does not like it, but if you do, then your chances are reduced to almost zero.

No. 5. Put her on a pedestal

Girls feel good when they are treated like queens, when their desires are put above their own and are afraid to lose.

You can even pretend that this is not so, and even actively demonstrate the opposite. But if your inner convictions tell you that she is a queen, then this will inevitably manifest itself in your behavior and, worst of all, in building relationships.

This habit is possessed by those men in whose life there were too few girls, and who were brought up according to the principle “women need to be protected, cared for, forgiven.”

If you are also used to treating girls too well, then, as already mentioned, they will suspect something was wrong, because. you are going against nature.

No. 6. Change behavior out of a desire to please

It’s “cute guy syndrome” at its finest.

Do you know why all the good guys are so good? 🙂

Because the fear of not pleasing someone is so high that they bend under everyone. Even for women.

And, of course, this does not contribute to the manifestation of their natural behavior.

Believe me, when you hide your desires, women feel it.

To overcome this bad habit, I sometimes advise you to find on the phone 3 numbers of girls whose seduction is developing in the best way, call them and tell them that you will no longer communicate. And most importantly – do not explain the reasons.

Yes, it’s cruel (first of all, for you :)). But this is the only way to get rid of all sorts of emotional addictions and irrational beliefs.

No. 7. Change behavior at the time of female criticism

This is practically the twin brother of the previous habit. Such behavior is quite annoying for women.

When she starts to criticize you or teach you about life, and you cave in under her, then your male attractiveness falls.

She may even threaten you to end the relationship if you don’t start behaving the way she wants.

But deep down, she wants you to put her in her place, and he continued to behave the way you want. And she will be very infuriated by the fact that you once again changed your behavior when she started to “nag” you.

Most likely, the information received is very different from what you expected to hear in this article. But this is what annoys the female gender the most.

It may seem to you that these habits do not exist in your behavior. But think about it: is everything going smoothly in your personal life? If quarrels, unsuccessful seductions and oddities on the part of the girl have become your regular guests, then it’s time to find and eradicate all 7 unattractive moments in your behavior. After all, it is they who do not allow you to go to the next level and fully taste all the delights of communication with the opposite sex.

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