September 29, 2022

Top 5 Profitable Staking Coins in August 2022


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The cryptocurrency market offers various ways to make money. Staking is one of the simplest and most popular. In August 2022, the sector offers 206 earning assets with an average rate of 8.89% per annum. On the most profitable coins, you can earn much more – up to 173%. Such assets are popular, but most investors choose protocols based on a combination of indicators.

In the summer of 2022, the market is excited about the upcoming PoW and PoS merger of Ethereum chains. A major update is scheduled for September. The closer hour X is, the more investors place coins in the new Proof-of-Stake protocol. In August, the total amount of blocked coins is estimated at $25.45 billion. The minimum bet for the validator is 32 ETH coins, the income is 4.57%. In pools, you can start to drain an asset from any amount. Income will be slightly lower – 4.07%.

Olympus is an algorithmic cryptocurrency backed by a basket of assets (DAI, FRAX, and others). In August, the coin is trading for $12.41. For staking, you need to place any amount of OHM in an ERC20-enabled wallet (MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet). The current amount of funds blocked in the protocol is $65.11 million.

In second place in terms of staking profitability is AssetMantle (MNTL). The developers offer to delegate coins for 21 days at 140.22-152.68% per annum (depending on the validator). To increase profits, you can run a node. Validators earn from 155.65%.

AssetMantle is a native token of a multi-user NFT marketplace. In August 2022, the cryptocurrency is trading at $0.09. The total amount of coins blocked in the protocol is estimated at $18.68 million.

The Graph (GRT) closes the top three most profitable staking cryptocurrencies. Users have the option to place coins in the protocol for 28 days. For the year you can earn 128.15% of the investment.

The Graph protocol organizes data on the blockchain and makes it easy to access. In August, the coin price is $0.13. $370.12 million of client funds are blocked in staking.

The top 5 PoS coins with the best annual rates also include:

Sifchain (ROWAN) – 111.85%.
Decimal (DEL) – 108.5%.

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