September 27, 2022

Top 5 cryptocurrencies by profitability per day


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The cryptocurrency market grew by 3.1% to 1.1 trillion over the past day as of 15:00 Moscow time on August 5, 2022. Market analysts assured: at once 5 cryptocurrency assets from the top 100 rating have risen in price by more than 10% over the past 24 hours: Flow (FLOW), Theta Network (THETA), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), Waves (WAVES) and Holo (HOT) .

The experts noted that the Flow cryptocurrency was leading by a wide margin. The daily increase in its value amounted to 45.95%. The virtual asset was trading at $2.72. The total supply on the market was $2.84 billion. Daily trading volumes reached $1.31 billion.

Theta Network (THETA) ranked second in this ranking with 12.3%. The cost of the native blockchain coin was $1.57, and the market capitalization was fixed at around $1.55 billion. Traders executed transactions for $100.86 million.

NEAR took the third position in the yield rating with a rate of 12.27%. The value of the virtual asset was $5.01, and the total offer was $3.78 billion. Bidders secured deals worth $453.05 million.

The WAVES cryptocurrency also pleased its own investors. The token gained 12.25% in price and traded at $6.33. The market capitalization of the digital asset reached $689.8 million, and the daily volume of transactions was $716.84 million.

Finally, HOT reached the price value of $0.0026, which is 11.42% higher than the same indicator of the day before. The total supply of virtual assets on the market amounted to $456.66 million, and traders made transactions worth $71.57 million over the past 24 hours.

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