September 27, 2022

Top 3 airdrops from 18 to 24 July 2022: SappChat, Drive2, VetCoin


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The market is hot! Recently it became known that in the US inflation has reached a record high for the past forty years. Now it is at around 9.1%. Now investors are looking forward to July 27, 2022, when the Federal System will adjust its monetary policy. Now there is a certain tactical pause, which you can use to get some digital coins for free!

It is an anonymous and decentralized messaging application with end-to-end encryption and a secure mobile wallet for peer-to-peer exchange payments. The ecosystem of the project is powered by Binance Smart Chain.

How to participate:

Launch a chat bot in Telegram.
Follow the project on Twitter and like the attached post.
Download the SappChat app to your mobile device.
Get registered.
Send BEP-20 wallet address to chatbot.
Each registered participant will receive $5 APP tokens.

This is an NFT game, the main task of which is to combine driving a car and blockchain technologies. Users can drive their vehicles and earn profits. It makes the process simple and fun by combining the economic benefits of blockchain technology with the real value of action.

Instruction for the participant:

Visit the project’s Gleam page.
Follow Drive2 on Discord, Telegram and Twitter.
Submit your BEP-20 wallet address.
A total of 20,000 random users will share the prize pool and each will receive $15 worth of DMT tokens.

It is a charitable organization that is entitled to tax-free donations, gifts, bequests, and contributions. The key concept of the project is to support combat veterans and popularize blockchain technologies.

Step-by-step instruction:

Visit the Gleam airdrop page.
Follow the project on Twitter.
Perform simple social tasks.
Send Polygon wallet address.
Each user will receive up to $50 worth of VTC tokens.

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