September 29, 2022

Top 3 airdrops from 12 to 19 September 2022: Mintway, LEAP, BaaSid


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September is in full swing, which means that new challenges await the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin continues to hold below the round $20,000 mark, experiencing significant selling pressure. But it doesn’t matter, because you can always participate in airdrops and get promising digital coins for free!

Mintway is a feature rich platform that aims to provide up-to-date information on all NFTs on the market. On the basis of this platform, users can buy and sell ownership rights to non-fungible digital coins.

Instruction for participants:

Open telegram bot Mintway Airdrop.
Follow Mintway on Telegram, Twitter, Medium and Discord.
Enter your ERC-20 wallet address on the Mintway Airdrop Telegram page.
A total of 3,000 random users will share the $24,000 prize pool.

This is a new generation gaming platform in the Web 3 segment, aimed at finding and supporting talented athletes. The LEAP token is a structural unit of the ecosystem of the same name, which users will use to interact with each other.

Instruction for participants:

Open the LEAP Airdrop page in Gleam.
Subscribe to the event on Telegram, Twitter, Discord and RT.
Register on the LEAP website as an alpha tester.
Enter your MetaMask wallet address into Gleam.
At the end of the event, 450 random winners will share the prize pool of $10,000.

BaaSid is an identity verification system based on blockchain technology. Due to full decentralization, this project provides maximum transparency in user interaction.

Instruction for participants:

Launch the Airdrop BaaSid telegram bot.
Subscribe to BaaSid startup on Telegram, Twitter and Medium.
Download the mobile app for Android or iOS.
Send your ERC-20 wallet address (for example, Trust Wallet or Exodus) to Telegram.
Rewards will be given to 3,000 randomly selected participants.

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