The head of Binance published his principles of life


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The head of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), has published the principles that guide him through life. He noted that he does not consider them right or wrong, but he tries to follow this code in relation to all everyday situations and things. First of all, CZ noted fairness, which covers many aspects, from personal relationships with work colleagues to business transactions.

The entrepreneur noted: he believes in the power of truth and honesty. CZ advised not to use others and not to allow this to happen to himself. In addition, Zhao recommended that only long-term mutually beneficial relationships or deals be entered into. He stated that he believes in success in the long run. For cooperation to be meaningful, it must be beneficial to both parties.

CZ also assured that he tries to avoid unethical and toxic people. He refers to them those who do not share his life values ​​or mission. According to the entrepreneur, such characters should be released from their lives. Also, ethical boundaries should never be crossed. When communicating with users, it is worth doing the right thing, and not choosing the simplest.

The businessman noted that success does not depend on how many things you do. What is more important is how well a person copes with a specific few things. According to CZ, focus allows you to work hard, which means you should eliminate distractions from your life.

Among other things, the head of Binance tries to treat everything in life with a positive attitude. This leads to positive results, because this is how this world works.

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