The European Union approved a new tranche of military assistance to Kyiv for €500 million


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The Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) countries have finally approved the allocation of the sixth tranche of military assistance to Kyiv in the amount of €500 million, as well as the deployment of a training mission for the Ukrainian military outside Ukraine. This was announced on October 17 in a widespread statement following the meeting of the EU Council in Luxembourg.

“The Council today approved additional measures under the European Peace Fund to further support and resilience the Ukrainian armed forces. Taking into account the new sixth tranche of €500 million, the total contribution of the EU in assistance to Ukraine will now amount to €3.1 billion,” the document says.

In addition, it is reported that the military equipment, which will be financed from the new allocated funds, “is in line with the current priorities expressed by the Ukrainian government.”

“In response to Ukraine’s request for military support, the training mission (EUMAM Ukraine) will provide individual, collective and specialized training for the Ukrainian armed forces, including the territorial defense forces,” the statement reads.

Earlier in the day, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, assured that the EU had enough funds to finance military supplies to Kyiv. Prior to that, on October 14, Bloomberg reported on EU plans to provide Ukraine with €5 billion in three tranches. It was specified that in the coming days the EU will allocate €2 billion to Ukraine. Another €2.5 billion will be transferred in the second half of November and €500 million in December.

On October 12, the EU agreed on the creation of a mission to train soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on its territory, which “will have the goal of training a large number of personnel of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in various military functions.”

Western countries have stepped up military and financial support for Ukraine against the backdrop of a special operation by the Russian Federation to protect Donbass, whose residents refused to recognize the results of the 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine. Its beginning was announced on February 24 against the backdrop of an aggravation of the situation due to shelling by Ukrainian troops.

The Russian Federation has repeatedly noted that the supply of weapons and other military assistance to Kyiv increases the involvement of the West in the conflict, which carries the risk of a direct clash between Russia and NATO.

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