September 27, 2022

The developers actively congratulated the Ethereum team on their success


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Numerous developers began to actively congratulate all those involved in the success of the Ethereum (ETH) Merger procedure. In addition, it was announced that the supply of Ethereum coins in the market began to decrease, immediately after the transition to the PoS (proof of stake) algorithm. This state of affairs is due to the fact that transaction fees burn the coin at a faster rate than new assets are generated.

EthHub co-founder Eric Konner congratulated his colleagues and noted that, after the Merger, the supply of coins decreased by more than 150 ETH ($240 thousand) in just the first hour. Representatives of the ConsenSys organization said: the new environmental status of Ethereum bodes well for the future of the cryptocurrency.

Firm founder Joseph Lubin shared a report saying the high carbon footprint has been one of the biggest challenges for the chain’s future growth. Now Ethereum is ready for further development, implementation and investment. The merger will make Ethereum an Internet-scale IT infrastructure

The Ethereum Classic team also congratulated the developers of the second cryptocurrency. They separately noted the founder of the startup Vitalik Buterin and stated that they wish prosperity to both chains. According to the programmers, it’s great that both miners and stakers now have the opportunity to earn money.

EthHub co-founder Anthony Sassono emphasized that the Merger was the result of countless hours of work from hundreds of people over the years. He called this update an incredible achievement.

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