September 29, 2022

The cost of bitcoin and ether recovered in a day


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The cryptocurrency market has slightly recovered over the past 24 hours as of 9:10 am Moscow time on August 30, 2022. The value of the leading digital currencies has risen, and the total capitalization of the entire industry has added 4.41% over the past 24 hours. Nevertheless, this indicator could not overcome the bar of $1 trillion, fixing at $993.67 billion.

The course of the flagship cryptocurrency – bitcoin (BTC) – has grown by 3.05% over the past day. The coin was trading at $20,406, rebounding from a key support level at $20,000. The market capitalization of the virtual asset is $390.43 billion, and daily trading volumes were $32.43 billion. Ethereum even more seriously pleased its own investors.

The second cryptocurrency – Ethereum (ETH) – increased in price much more significantly. Its rate was fixed at $ 1580.7, which is 9.06% higher than the same indicators of the previous day. The total asset supply on the market was $193.27 billion, with traders securing $18.47 billion worth of deals over the last day.

Social media users were divided. Some users assured that the market will begin to recover. According to them, BTC with ETH will again set new local price highs. Some users continued to believe that the rate of the first cryptocurrency will reach $30,000 in the short term.

Another part of the community expressed the opinion that bearish sentiment will take over and the market will continue to fall. Users expect that the value of the two leading virtual assets, as well as many altcoins, will systematically decline in September this year.

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