September 29, 2022

Russian units of the armed forces took full control of the regional center of Kherson


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Igor Konashenkov, official delegate of the Russian Ministry of Defense: “The city doesn’t encounter deficiencies in food and fundamental products. Arrangements are progressing between the Russian order, the organization of the city and the locale to resolve issues of keeping up with the working of social foundation offices, guaranteeing the rule of law and the wellbeing of the populace.”

The service likewise expressed that the Russian Armed Forces assumed responsibility for the settlements of Tokmak and Vasilievka. The Ukrainian military deliberately set out their arms there. They will get back to their families after they sign receipts declining to take an interest in the battling.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin reported an extraordinary military activity in Ukraine. He focused on that Moscow’s arrangements do exclude the control of Ukrainian regions, the objective is the neutralization and denazification of the country. As accentuated in the Ministry of Defense, the Russian military doesn’t strike at urban communities, however cripple just military foundation.

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