September 29, 2022

Putin called the cohesion of the Russian Federation and Belarus a condition for strengthening positions on the world stage


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The agreements that Russia and Belarus have come to today are capable of creating conditions for strengthening the positions of the two states on the world stage. With these words, on Saturday, April 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko on the Day of Unity of the Peoples of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

“Recently, our countries have managed to do a lot to develop integration interaction and constructive bilateral cooperation. A number of important documents have been approved, including sectoral union programs, an updated Military Doctrine and the Concept of the Migration Policy of the Union State,” the Kremlin’s press service reports the text of Putin’s congratulatory telegram.

The President of Russia emphasized that strong cohesion meets the fundamental interests of the two fraternal peoples and creates the basis for the formation of a common space in various fields of activity.

On March 31, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Andrei Rudenko pointed out that only common ways will Russians and Belarusians be able to withstand the economic crisis. To do this, it is necessary to create effective tools for responding to restriction pressure.

At the same time, the Russian-Belarusian forum “Union State: Economic Integration – Development Tasks” began its work.

On the same day, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko announced that on April 1, the charge for incoming calls for Russians in Belarus would be abolished. The same measure will apply to citizens of Belarus in Russia.

On March 11, a meeting between President Putin and Lukashenka took place in Moscow. At the beginning of the talks, the Russian leader expressed confidence that the countries would overcome all the difficulties associated with Western sanctions pressure.

Following the meeting, the leaders agreed on further steps to support due to sanctions pressure, including on energy issues. The issues of cooperation in industry, agriculture, and cargo transportation between countries were also touched upon. In particular, Minsk agreed to increase the supply of agricultural, passenger equipment and other engineering products.

In addition, Putin and Lukashenko agreed to supply Minsk with modern models of military equipment. Later, on March 15, the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus ratified agreements on cooperation with the Russian Federation in the military sphere.

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