September 27, 2022

Putin and Macron discussed Ukraine for the seventh time since the start of the military operation


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Putin called the Ukrainian security forces and “nationalists” war criminals and accused them of shelling the cities of Donbass. Macron demanded a ceasefire and unblock Mariupol

Presidents of Russia and France Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron discussed the situation in Ukraine in a telephone conversation, follows from a message on the Kremlin website.

Macron again expressed concern about the events in Ukraine. In response, Putin assured that the Russian military was “doing everything possible” to save the lives of civilians. The President noted that the Russian Armed Forces are opening humanitarian corridors for safe evacuation.

At the same time, Putin announced “numerous war crimes” committed by Ukrainian security forces and nationalists. As an example, he cited rocket and artillery shelling of the cities of Donbass. After that, Macron heard the principled approaches of the Russian side to the development of possible agreements.

The conversation of the presidents lasted one hour and ten minutes, according to BFM TV. According to him, Macron expressed Putin “extreme concern” about the situation in Mariupol. He asked his Russian counterpart to take concrete steps to lift the siege of Mariupol, including ensuring access for humanitarian missions and an immediate ceasefire.

This is the seventh conversation between the presidents of Russia and France since the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine. Macron has repeatedly said that the authorities of European countries should conduct a dialogue with Moscow in order to ensure their security. He noted that negotiations sometimes avoid the worst.

Following talks with Putin and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on March 10, Macron said he did not see the possibility of resolving the situation in Ukraine through diplomacy in the near future. However, he stressed that he would continue to try to help to resolve the situation.

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