September 27, 2022

Putin and Lukashenko completed negotiations in Moscow


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On March 11, the gathering of the Presidents of Russia and Belarus, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, finished in Moscow. The exchanges endured over five hours.

As indicated by the Pool of the First Telegram station, the Belarusian chief has as of now gone to the air terminal.

Toward the start of the discussions, Putin saluted his associate on the effective holding of a mandate in Belarus on altering the constitution. The Russian chief likewise communicated certainty that Belarus and Russia would conquer every one of the hardships related with Western approvals pressure.

Lukashenka, thusly, said that the Ukrainian specialists intended to strike at the Donbass, yet in addition at Belarus. As per him, this result was stayed away from on account of the choice of the Russian Federation to send off an extraordinary activity to safeguard Donbass.

Simultaneously, the President of the Russian Federation noticed that specific positive movements were accomplished in the exchanges with Ukraine. He explained that arrangements are presently held practically consistently.

The pioneers’ past discussions occurred on February 18 in Moscow. The gatherings noticed that the previous year was useful in the reciprocal relations of the nations, Belarus and Russia gained genuine headway in the development of the Union State.

Russia sent off an activity to safeguard the non military personnel populace of Donbass on February 24 against the scenery of a disturbance of the circumstance in the locale because of shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov explained then, at that point, the objectives of the unique activity are likewise the disarmament and denazification of Ukraine. As indicated by him, both of these viewpoints represent a danger to the Russian state and individuals. The Russian side additionally stressed that it doesn’t devise plans for the control of Ukraine, and strikes are done distinctly on the tactical framework of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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