Norton Antivirus 2023 Review-Greatest Protection


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When we talk about Norton Antivirus, we have to say that it is one of the biggest and famous such programs, it has more than 60% of the market share, and we all know how many antiviruses there are in the market.

In addition, Norton is also one of the best when it comes to its work, but still, when we have so much to choose from, the program must stand out from the rest of the options, considering that there are also completely free ones such. Well, in this article, we’ll show you what makes Norton different and why it’s worth investing in protecting your devices with it.

Why choose Norton as your antivirus program in 2023.

To be number one in cybersecurity, a program must offer something more than all the others. Ever since the 90s, when the program appeared on the market, it has been offering new features and protection tools.

Norton’s goal has always been to offer maximum security, which requires a lot of work, which prevents Norton from being free to use. However, the platform doesn’t want to take your money and end up being dissatisfied with their software.

Therefore, you will have access to a 14-day free period, and the first year for each of the plans has a promotional price, and you will be able to cancel the software at any time.

Any user who wants to use the features of Norton will have to pay a certain fee and there are different versions to choose from. Each of them comes with its advantages and pluses, but with the arrival of new features comes the increase in the annual fee for using the application.

Norton features
Now that we have seen how you can install Norton on your computer, let’s see what are the main features that it has and what makes this antivirus program different from others and why it is worth investing your money in it:

  1. Maximum security
    One of the most important aspects of an antivirus program is the security it offers. Norton is at the top of the antivirus market precisely because it offers one of the best protections against unfriendly software.

Here we see 5 layers of protection as follows: firewall, file scanner, behavior monitor, database, various cache cleaners and temporary files.

Through these 5 layers, maximum protection is achieved and it is precisely because of this that it is one of the strongest antivirus programs on the market.

  1. Personalized experience
    Something that makes Norton one of the best antivirus programs on the market is all the options that are available to customize the software. You’ll be able to choose different versions of the software, customize how the antivirus scans your system, what and how it monitors, what files to let through its firewalls, and many more features.
  2. Customer service
    As with any other application, so that you can always be calm and safe, you need to know that there will always be a team of professionals who will always help you when you need it.

This is exactly what we see with Norton. There is a 24/7 support team, so you won’t have to wait long, and all users say that the help is fast and efficient.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Norton Antivirus
As we already mentioned, Norton is one of the best antivirus programs on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Let’s see what are the main advantages and disadvantages of the platform, which we were able to sift from the opinions about Norton Antivirus on the web:


It offers maximum security to its users
A free 14-day period is available
The world’s best-selling security software
All versions of Norton offer tools to protect your devices and Internet searches
24/7 Customer Support


There is no free version of Norton Antivirus, whatever version you choose you will have to pay a fee (You will have a 14 day free period)
Versions with more features may be too expensive for some users

How to install Norton Antivirus
Now that we’ve covered the main features of the platform, let’s take a closer look at exactly how you can get your hands on the software and start using its features:

Step 1: Visit the Norton Antivirus website
To be able to install the software, you must first obtain the installation file. To do this, go to the Norton Antivirus page, take a look at what the program offers, and after you decide that you definitely want to use it, press the “Let’s get started” button

Step 2: Select a program version
In order to be able to install the correct version, you will need to select what features you want. You’ll have a choice of 4 options, each offering more features, but also comes with a higher price tag. After choosing the version that suits you best, press the “Subscribe Now” button.

Step 3: Install the software
Once you’ve downloaded the installer, you just need to double-click on it and start the installation. Follow the instructions until the process is complete.

Step 4: Create an account
After installing the program, you will need to create an account, for this you can use a Google or Apple account, or you can create a completely separate account using an email address.

Then, through this account, you will be able to log into the application and receive various updates and news.

Versions of Norton Antivirus
We’ve already gone through the installation steps and the main things you need to know about the app. Now let’s see what plan choices you will have and how they differ from each other:

Norton Antivirus Plus
This is the basic version of the software, and through it we will have the most basic functions, but again, uncompromising protection. We’ll have almost no advanced security features here, but most people don’t need them. It is for this reason that Norton has decided to offer this more budget version. Here the price here around 35EU. per year, and the first year has a promotional price of 20EU.

Norton 360 Standard
After the basic version comes Norton 360. Here you’ll find tools like a password manager, SafeCam software, unlimited VPN usage, and 10GB of cloud space, as opposed to 2GB with Norton Plus. The price of Norton 360 is about 75EU. per year, and the initial year is again promotional with a price of 30EU.

Norton 360 Deluxe
This is the best version of Norton when we look at the ratio of price, quality and features. This is a mid-range option that offers a lot of features and at the same time is not the most expensive version possible.

Here we will be able to use the same account to protect up to 5 devices, as opposed to one device in the past two versions. Here we see new tools like School Time and Dark Web Monitoring. You will also have access to a parental control feature if your children are using a device that has Norton software installed.

The price here is not much higher than the last version, which is 100EU and again we have a promotional first year at a price of 35EU. But still, keep in mind that here you will be able to protect up to 5 devices for the price of 100EU.

Norton 360 Premium
It’s the most expensive version of Norton that has the most features, but that still doesn’t mean it’s the best for every user.

There are specific features here that would be useful only in certain cases. The difference here is that you’ll have 75GB of cloud storage (compared to the Deluxe version’s 50 gigabytes) and you’ll be able to use the software on 10 instead of 5 devices. Other features remain the same, so this version of the software is only worth it if you want to protect many devices.

The price here is not much higher than that of the Deluxe version, which is 105EU per year, and in the first year it will be 40EU.

As we already mentioned, Norton offers a lot of features, and the price of the software is not abnormally high.

Yes, you won’t have access to a free version, but we’re sure that after the 14-day free period, you’ll want to buy the full version of the software because it’s just too good and worth every penny.

You will have protection based on 5 layers, and also a variety of functions. They will help you control access to your computer and prevent hackers and fraudsters from accessing your information.

As already mentioned, you will have 4 versions to choose from, each coming with its own features and benefits. In our opinion, the best version for most users will be Norton 360 Deluxe, but take a look at what each one has to offer and decide which one is best for you.

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