NordVPN Review 2023-Full Deep Review


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There is no doubt that Nord VPN is the most recognizable and popular VPN on the market. Advertisements for this platform are all over the internet, influencers are constantly talking about it, and the qualities of this VPN are constantly praised by users.

According to the information available online, Nord VPN offers extremely high speed, ironclad cryptography and does not log data for its users. However, the question remains whether these claims are true or just part of a marketing strategy.

Nord VPN Installation Steps
If you don’t want to read the whole review and Nord VPN opinions, but just install the program, you can follow the following steps. The process is very simple and will not take you more than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Register with Nord VPN
The first thing you need to do is visit Nord VPN’s official website to create an account. Just hit the button in the top right corner where it says Get NordVPN and you’ll get a menu of available subscription plans so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Then simply enter an email, choose a payment method and complete your order.

Step 2: Download the app
Once you pass the first step, Nord VPN will prompt you to download the app to your computer. You need to open the installation file and confirm that you want to install this VPN. Once the process is complete, you will get a Nord VPN icon on your desktop, which you need to click to open the app’s user interface.

Step 3: Log in to the account and launch the VPN
Once you have already created an account and paid for your subscription plan, you can press the Log in button and, if necessary, fill in the additional data. Then simply select a server and press Connect to connect to the VPN.

What is Nord VPN?
NordVPN_logo Before we take a closer look at Nord VPN, let’s explain what a VPN actually is. This is a software that will give you a virtual shield for your internet browsing. All information sent and received will be filtered through the server of your choice.

Nord VPN has 5,500 of them in 60 different countries. So if you send a message from a German server, it will go from your network to Hamburg, for example, from there to the recipient, who will then see that you are sending messages from Germany and will not be informed of where you are actually sending it from. Thanks to this you can set your virtual location anywhere in the world.

Although a number of companies offer VPNs, only a few are actually worth it. Usually, these offers are rated according to their speed, level of security, number of servers, optimization, connection stability and other factors. Nord VPN in particular is one of the highest rated VPN software, offering very good results in all the listed aspects.

Internet security
VPN softwares are primarily designed to increase security and anonymity. When you browse the Internet, knowing only your IP address can find information about your current location, your Internet provider, and directly link your Internet activities to you. With a VPN, you will be anonymous as the chosen server’s address is displayed instead of your real address.

Streaming from foreign platforms
From the above information, it is apparent that if you choose a foreign server, the recipient of your browsing information will receive a foreign IP address. This is often used by VPN users when they want to stream movies and other content from foreign platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO GO and others.

The use of torrents is not an easy topic, as they are not illegal per se, but they can be used for illegal activity, such as sharing copyrighted content for free. And while this activity is particularly popular in worldwide, its regulation remains somewhat unclear.

Using torrents to share information can be a convenient way for many users, as long as it is done in a legal way. However, some users may be concerned about the use of P2P technologies in general. So with a VPN, they can get a little more peace of mind when using such tools.

Features of Nord VPN
So, you now know what a VPN is and what it is used for. The question is why choose Nord VPN.

Maximum protection
Nord VPN ranks first among the most secure VPNs. Its AES-256-CBC cryptography, which is also used by the military, by the way, is a secure protocol that provides the highest level of protection for your information.

As a result, no one can access it. For more advanced users, it might be helpful to know that Nord VPN uses 3 protocols – OpenVPN, IKEv2 and NordLynx.

One of the most shared advantages of Nord VPN is the number of servers it has. As already mentioned, this company can connect you from 60 countries on all continents except Antarctica.

It offers a total of 5,500 servers, provides unlimited availability and, above all, non-throttle speed. Here is a clear table of the distribution of server locations.

Speaking of speed, it’s worth paying attention to this aspect of Nord VPN as well. On many sites you will find information like “with Nord VPN you can get speeds up to 500 Mbps”, which has no value as it is more of a marketing strategy.

This is because the speed depends mostly on your internet connection. So if you can’t get 500Mbps anyway, you can’t do it with a VPN.

It makes more sense here to talk about how much speed you’ll actually lose after turning on your VPN. Of course, this depends on the distance to the selected server, and the further you are from the selected location, the slower the connection will be.

Overall, Nord VPN is indeed one of the fastest VPNs, taking only about 20% of download values ​​on average, while other popular options take between 30% and 50%.

Customer Service for Nord VPN
In case of any problem with the software, you can contact the support team which is available 24/7. Thanks to the live chat function, you can get an answer to any of your questions within a few minutes, but you can also contact the team by email.

And although it is quite strange that a premium service like Nord VPN does not offer customer service by phone, the chat agents are very active and prepared, and can answer even more complex questions.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nord VPN
By now you might understand why Nord VPN is so popular. It offers a great service – a very secure and fast VPN, worldwide server locations, and quality customer service.

In this section of this review and Nord VPN opinions, you will find all the pros and cons of this VPN provider listed so that you can make an informed decision about whether to pay for a subscription to this VPN.

Precision data cryptography;
Very beautiful and accessible user interface;
Works with streaming platforms and torrents;
Does not record user information;
Supports cryptocurrencies for payment;
Does not reduce connection speed;
Supports up to 6 devices per plan;
Availability of functions such as kill switch and double VPN;
Excellent pricing on long-term plans.

Servers have static IP addresses;
OpenVP configuration for a router is complex;
Expensive monthly plans;
The pricing structure is misleading.

Nord VPN Price
Finally, we come to the last point to consider when choosing a VPN and that is the price. Like other VPN providers, Nord VPN tries to sell licenses for the longest time and therefore adds various discounts for long-term subscriptions.

The one with the biggest advantage, of course, is the longest-term two-year plan, which can be obtained for €3.49 per month for the first 2 years, after which the price increases to €7.29 per month.

Pricing is a bit complicated, considering the 3 plans available.

Standart – includes a VPN and a browser extension that blocks ads and malicious websites.
Plus – also offers a password manager and data expiration notifications.
Ultimate – all other services plus 1 TB of encrypted cloud storage.

Complete installation guide for Nord VPN

If you’ve decided to try Nord VPN and don’t know how to get started, follow the steps.

Step 1: Visit the Nord VPN website
The first thing you need to do is visit Nord VPN’s official website, where you will click on Download VPN in the top menu.

Step 2: Download the installer
A page will open where you will see the Download App button. Press it and wait for Nord VPN to download.

Step 3: Install Nord VPN
When the download is complete, open the program and choose where you want to install it. Then continue the installation until it completes and until you see the Nord VPN icon on your desktop.

Step 4: Create a Nord VPN account
Now tap on the newly installed app and when you open it, select Create Nord Account. You will be redirected to a website where you will create an account. Choose your preferred subscription plan and you will pay for it.

Step 5: Start using Nord VPN
Once the transaction is complete, you can use Nord VPN’s suite of tools. Just select the server you want to use and press Connect. You will be connected in no time and your IP address will be securely protected.

Nord VPN is deservedly known as the best VPN compared to the competition. It is far ahead from a technological point of view, with its protocols not only secure but extremely fast. This includes a wide range of bonuses, tools, good customer service and server locations from 60 countries around the world.

Overall, Nord VPN is excellent software and suitable for a variety of uses. So the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this article is that the product does fulfill almost all consumer needs and the advertising campaigns are based on reality.

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