September 29, 2022

Meta began testing monetization in the Horizon Worlds metaverse


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Meta Corporation has begun testing monetization in the Horizon Worlds metaverse. Some users will be able to sell virtual items.

According to the long-term strategy, in the future, users of Meta’s virtual reality will be able to “make a living” by selling digital goods and services if they wish. At the same time, they will create business models themselves, becoming virtual entrepreneurs.

In addition to items, users will be able to sell “effects” in their worlds:

To encourage participants in the experiment from the United States, the company will send $ 10 million from the Horizon Creators Fund. They will be assigned goals, and cash bonuses will be paid for achieving them. These can be tasks to create worlds in which other users will spend a certain amount of time, or to use new features.

The company promised to increase the number of monetization tools available to users.

As a reminder, Meta is considering creating centralized tokens for its own metaverse.

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