September 27, 2022

MagicCraft Metaverse Token Rate Up 141% in 7 Days


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Market experts have studied all cryptocurrency assets related to the Metaverse sector (metaverse) and named the most successful blockchain projects over the past week, from August 16 to 22, 2022. Although the industry has been bearish and many digital assets have fallen in value, a number of startups related to virtual worlds have generated significant profits for their investors.

The undisputed leader of the week in terms of profitability was the MagicCraft (MCRT) token. This digital asset has added 141.86% in price over the past 7 days, reaching a price value of $0.0197 as of 08:40 Moscow time on August 22. The native playground currency is not very popular among gamers and is just starting to gain user interest, according to experts. The total capitalization of MCRT has reached $30.99 million and is likely to continue growing in the coming months.

The second place among Metaverse-cryptocurrencies was for Newscrypto (NWC). This token has become more expensive by 51.79% over the reporting period. Its rate was fixed at $0.1305, and the market capitalization reached $19.63 million.

Third place in the ranking was taken by an even more unpopular cryptocurrency – BetU (BETU). The native token of this digital platform has fallen in price by 5.05% over the past 24 hours, however, it has still become more expensive by 15.47% over the week. The asset was trading at $0.0364 and the total supply on the market was $3.92 million.

Analysts also noted the Polychain Monsters (PMON) project. This cryptocurrency has risen in price by 25.51% over the past day, thus fixing a profit of 14.83% over the weekly period. The cost of the PMON token reached $1.65, and the capitalization was $5.61 million.

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