Johnny Depp’s ex-wife actress Amber Heard sells house


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American actress Amber Heard has sold her house in San Bernardino, California, as she does not have enough funds to pay ex-husband Johnny Depp compensation in a lawsuit. This was announced on August 1 by the entertainment portal TMZ.

It is estimated that Heard received about $1.05 million from the sale. The house was bought by the actress in 2019 through an independent foundation for $570,000.

According to the publication, the sale was closed on July 18.

On July 21, the actress filed an appeal against the court’s decision to pay compensation in the amount of $10.35 million to her ex-husband. The Aquaman star is required to post an $8.3 million bail to consider the complaint, but so far she has only paid $500 to file the appeal itself, Gazeta.Ru adds.

The publication also notes that Hurd refused the payment, which she could claim as Depp’s wife. We are talking about the artist’s fee for shooting in the fourth part of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, for which he received $ 33 million.

Hurd decided not to do this, but in correspondence with her lawyers she asked them not to disclose these circumstances.

On June 1, the jury announced the verdict in his Depp lawsuit against his ex-wife. The decision in favor of the actor was made on two counts. Heard was found guilty of defamation in the case of protecting the honor and dignity of Depp. The court ordered the actress to pay her ex-wife $15 million. Of these, $10 million is compensation and the remaining $5 million is a fine. The last amount was eventually reduced to $350,000.

Considering Hurd’s counterclaim against Depp, the jury saw slander against the actress in the statements of one of the actor’s lawyers. The damage was estimated at $2 million.

The total amount of compensation that Hurd will be required to pay is $ 8.35 million. This is more than the actress received for her divorce from Depp.

On June 2, the actor admitted that the jury “managed to bring his life back.” He stated that he was grateful to the children and all the people who believed in him, allowed him to show the world the truth, regardless of the final verdict.

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