September 27, 2022

Inside The Male Mind Review-Does It Works Or Not


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Certain men believe they are easy to maintain, yet actually, they reduce or deny their feelings, not aware of their own needs and limitations. In this way, they underestimate their capacity to sacrifice what they would like and be a good listener but fail to appreciate the price of submitting to them and their relationship. It is not surprising that everything falls to pieces if, despite their good act, they are accused of something or meet with the “demand” or other perceived wrong that they did not think would be part of the agreement.

How Does Being Nice Backfire?

The human instinct to be accommodating sometimes isn’t always successful, leaving behind the trail of resentment and pain that they can’t be unable to avoid, categorize, or cover-up. When men recognize their anger, they often think that it’s hidden and won’t be discovered. However, they don’t realize their actions could take on a life on their very own. The secret rebellion against feeling ruled is often manifested unconsciously through behaviors like inattention, slackness, forgetting, and irritability — creating resentment and sowing distrust.

When women respond to these messages and believe they are frauds, men explode in anger, feeling that they are unfairly blamed and dismissed as normal. Resentment that is not addressed becomes an insidious and frustrating cycle of conflict, where both sides feel unjustly accused and snubbed. Men aren’t aware of why women are angry at them, so the initial issue is hidden away.

Men are frequently under a lot of pressure to perform, compare with other men, and achieve success. They shouldn’t complain, feel scared or rely on anyone else. One of the duties they have to fulfill is to create a satisfying relationship that can appear like an unsolvable puzzle.

How Do You Translate What’s Unspoken

Contrary to what is commonly believed, the reality is that boys are in a more fragile state than females. More stressed by the separation from their mothers as well as less safe, having more difficulty in overcoming anxiety. As a result of the fear of being humiliated, the boys tend to avoid vulnerability and eventually become removed from the perception of their feelings. This can cause women to be disconnected from their grievances and hurt. Instead of feeling empathy, they interpret it as an attack and feel unappreciated and react to it with insensitivity or counterattack.

Men aren’t always in tune with the actual mood or the messages they are transmitting, leading to confusion over who is who to whom. If it’s about dealing with emotional waters with women, men have to contend with submitting as an option that is “safest” or the only option. They then have to get out and, by committing unintentional wrongdoing and performing, they end up being the weaker side.

Women and men are aware of the dynamics at play, rather than simply ignoring those “invisible” needs until they are forced to act. If one person is considered marginalized or underdog regardless of the reason they are victimized, it could lead to isolation and disconnection and place the relationship at risk. Both genders can see their shared team and work with each other.

Men Are On A Quest

The men of the world can be quite ambiguous in their pursuit of the proper guidelines in certain ways but violating them in others and sacrificing their lives in order to save their country, yet not paying thought to their family members; seeking self-worth through the long-term achievement of goals, yet giving up self-worth which they can gain by becoming more compassionate each day. The puzzles that men face!

However, given the information we’ve gathered about the character of men, There is one characteristic of men that’s not too difficult to grasp. The majority of men you meet are on a search. The quest is the visible expression of his mind. Emotional interactions with the world around him bring together aspects of work, calling and families, identities, life (to be explained in greater detail in the coming chapter), and moral character. What he does to achieve his goal is his ultimate measure of self-worth and worth in the world.

Have you noticed that boys are already preparing for their journey from the beginning of their lives, examining themselves and each other, seeking new ways of living, developing, inventing, building up, and stepping out onto the planet? Have you noticed that all human societies share a common method of framing and encouraging male growth by encouraging the hero’s story? A large portion of the past male literature is about the hero’s journey. Even the video games manufacturers create for players are almost all heroic.

How Do We Encourage Harmony?

Ideas for women

  • Show appreciation for gestures that men make regardless of whether you “should” do them and whether or not they are on the mark.
  • Be clear about the sacrifices men make when they accept something. Have them determine how the event will unfold, pretending they could win a million dollars in the event of a successful prediction.
  • Please give them the option to decline without cost. Ask them what they would like as a return offer and then negotiate. You don’t need to agree, but giving your partner to speak up extends to making them feel valued and preventing them from the urge to act out.

Men’s Ideas:

Before deciding to do something:

  • Let go of the notion that causes anger. Remind yourself that there’s no legal agreement that states that if you provide to your spouse “what she wants,” she will be satisfied quietly, and you’ll also be sure to receive that “one thing” you want in the future.
  • In your mind, fast forward, anticipate the nightmare scenario, and avoid anger. Make adjustments to your expectations and make decisions in line with the situation.
  • Be aware that compliance in default can lead to resentment, which is evident in her eyes, however not to and could be detrimental.
  • If you are tempted to say yes, but you want to be a no-no, tell your spouse that you don’t wish to disappoint her, but you are working to be more truthful and do not want to be resentful.
  • Try something new to break out of the pattern. Make a list of something you would like to accomplish that has low risk. You can also explicitly discuss an agreement.


Women are looking for men who strive to be kings (even if it’s only on an individual level) or warriors (protectors who help people feel safe) as well as magicians (men who possess the ability to create, even amid a love affair of gadgets, a magical ability that can lead to successful outcomes) as well as lovers (men who consider women a part of their mission). Women don’t want stereotypical heroes, such as cardboard video game action figures. They are looking for wise, caring, and strong heroes – men.

You can learn more about their thought like what is in their mind by visiting coach Jason silver secret commitment explanation of inside the male mind review. Since nature appears to have planned, female expectations of heroics don’t just drive men. Still, they contribute to the fragility of males, and a sense of vulnerability felt by males that lack mental or physical ability.

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