Huobi Token and Quant are the best cryptocurrencies of the week


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According to trackers, as of 13:00 Moscow time on October 17, 2022, Huobi Token (HT) and Quant (QNT) became the best cryptocurrencies for the week in terms of profitability. The Casper token (CSPR) lost quite a bit to them. These three assets significantly outperformed all other virtual currencies from the top 100 by total capitalization in terms of profitability.

HT has the best result. This digital asset managed to rise in price by 42.95% in the reporting period, continuing to increase in price after the news that a controlling stake in the Huobi Global trading exchange was sold to new owners. The latter decided to take seriously the development of the virtual platform and bring it to the leading roles in the world.

The cost of HT was fixed at $7.42, which is 43.5% higher than the same values ​​a week ago. The total supply of coins circulating on the market was $1.14 billion. The second place was taken by QNT, whose quotes soared by 38.45% over the past 7 days. The price of the cryptocurrency was fixed at $212.07, and its capitalization increased to $2.52 billion, which allowed it to break into the list of the top thirty virtual currencies in the world.

Finally, Casper has gained 36.24% in the last week. This digital asset broke into the top 100 list for the first time with a capitalization of $496.01 million, which allowed it to take 69th position. The price of CSPR is $0.048.

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