September 29, 2022

How to speed up the manifestation of desires in life? The law of attraction in practice


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Basics at a glance

The law of attraction applies to everyone. Everything is energy at the right frequency. Like attracts like. Our thoughts and emotions are also energy. Depending on whether they are positive or negative, they have respectively high or low energy. If you only try to attract the desired blessings and circumstances from your mind, you will fail. We create from the heart. Scientific research shows that our heart produces the largest and strongest electrical and magnetic fields of any organ. The brain can hide with its several thousand times smaller range (five thousand times smaller magnetic range and a hundred times smaller electrical range).

But what happens to the heart? He is being intimidated. broken, crushed. The media offers negative information from the world that keeps us in fear, surrender, passivity, or the feeling that others are getting worse and better off with what we have. In the end, it’s not so bad. On the other hand, they show us people, lifestyles and wealth that make us feel lacking and alone. Thus, they keep alive low energies in us and easily manipulate them. They also send subliminal or direct messages that shape our thoughts, belief patterns and habits. And this gives rise to resistance in creating life as if from a fairy tale – a fairy tale for everyone individually understandable, joyful, full of love, abundance and peace. Fortunately, you can get out of this vicious cycle.

The above paragraph shows that just thinking is not enough. Affirmations are a great tool, positive thoughts are too, but more is needed. Which? Positive emotions associated with the desired area and activity!

If you only daydream or think about your desires all day long, don’t count on magic spells and the appearance in your house of your dream job, relationship, trip, car or anything else. And you certainly will not become miraculously healthier! Your words should also match the emotions you are experiencing at the moment. If you just talk left and right about how happy you are, and inside you feel sad, disappointed or angry, you will not deceive the Universe. You will only exacerbate the negative aspects. You should feel now like when you get what you want!

Another mistake is to get too attached to the result. In this case, we only deepen the pressure, the feeling of lack and make it difficult to manifest. Let’s let go. Reduce the importance of this situation/person. Let’s think less about it, let’s trust the Universe, which will prepare the best solution for us. He has an infinite number of ways for us. Instead of sticking to one scenario, let’s focus only on the end result – our goal. It may be that we miss our opportunity because we simply do not notice it, because we are too attached to our vision!

It is also important to send intentions in terms of dream desires already present, and not in terms of lack. If we focus only on desire, we will exacerbate the deficit and get more of it in our lives.

Another obstacle is all kinds of blockages and programs built into us based on our experiences, lessons learned from our loved ones, the environment in which we grew up, and the media that influenced us. If you think that the first million needs to be stolen, and love is blind, do not expect wealth and happiness in love. Examine your subconscious beliefs during therapy or your own work. Replace them with new ones that support your growth and happiness. Then the Law of Attraction can work effectively!

How to make it work?

  1. Find the right place and time to create the intention. You need the world around you and a good mood. You can go for a walk in the forest in advance, do your favorite physical or creative activity, dance and meditate. Treat yourself, but also take care of yourself. When you’re ready, think about what you want: health, another job, more money, love, travel, talent discovery, a career, friends? Or maybe something completely different? Once you know this, create a detailed vision, such as your dream job. Take care of all the details, your office decor, the atmosphere, the way you work, your tasks and your team, imagine that. Now think about how this work will affect you? Your appearance, your behavior, your mood? What will you do, how do you spend your free time, what skills do you have? And begin to be a man of this work in your thoughts, habits and behavior.
  2. 2.Release your intention into the world. That is, ask out loud or with the help of a letter, or you can additionally reinforce it with a ritual, song, image, dance. Ask the Universe with hope, faith and confidence. And open yourself to the possibilities ahead. It happens! Feel the excitement of a child about what the Universe has in store for you.
  3. 3.Maintain a good mood. Of course, there will be bumps on the way, they will cry, because this happens from time to time in life. But in general, keep a positive attitude, do not stay in the negative flow of emotions and thoughts, do not scratch old wounds. Let everything flow consciously, purify yourself. And smile with faith in yourself and the life that supports you. Write down your favorite and useful mood boosters on a piece of paper and carry it with you in case of a black hour of despair or fear!
  4. 4.Remove resistance i.e. inner criticism, negative emotions, distrust, intrusive thoughts or low vibration outer messages. If you believe in your goal, and your environment has a different opinion or the media wants to scare you, consciously isolate yourself from their voices. Choose what you fill your head, your environment, yourself with. An important aspect is what you eat, what you surround yourself with, what you wear. Does all this lift your energy? Or is it decreasing? Work!

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