September 29, 2022

How to seduce a younger woman in 2022


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According to numerous studies, it is believed that the key to a prosperous and long life is not the daily consumption of beets and tasteless celery juices, but something much more pleasant – relationships with young girls. These conclusions were made by researchers from Stockholm University, as well as employees of the British Office for National Statistics.

Apparently, older men find themselves young girls not only for love, but also to increase life expectancy. Or, well, they don’t know it.

If you suddenly realized that you want to follow their example, but do not quite understand how exactly, we have nine iron rules for you to follow in order to
start a healthy relationship with a young girl.

1.Take it seriously, not just a casual fling

Many men, when they begin to have an affair with young girls, behave rather inconsiderately. They can write once a week at two in the morning, appearing as suddenly as ghosts in a horror movie.

This should not be if you want your relationship to be strong and reliable. Give the girl enough attention to make her feel truly needed and desired.

  1. Do not reduce everything to sex
    Of course, sex is great, but you should not make it the most important thing in a relationship, unless you are dating a nymphomaniac. For your union to be complete, do not forget about the intellectual connection and romance.

Otherwise, a young girl will think that you are not interested in her, because she is too small for you.

  1. Behave the right way for your age.

Don’t try to act like a teenager just to make a girl interested in you. She won’t. The fact is that if she chose you as her partner, then she wants to communicate with you at the age at which you are now.

Haven’t you heard a lot of young girls say that guys their age sometimes don’t have much to talk about?

  1. Let her live her life
    If you choose a young girl as your relationship partner, be prepared for the fact that she has her own life – with a bunch of young guys, parties, career ambitions and a hundred other reasons to live for.

Do not put pressure on her by talking about marriage, family, children, and so on. If she wants, she will definitely accept your offer.

  1. Be honest

As we mentioned above, the time of immaturity and infantilism is far behind, so try to be honest with your girlfriend and with yourself.

If you don’t like something in a relationship, declare it boldly, just be delicate and avoid rude language. Do not be silent about how you feel and what you think about this or that situation.

  1. Keep up with her
    It is quite possible that at your age you prefer to spend Friday evening at home in a cozy atmosphere with a glass of wine and a smart analytical program. However, your girlfriend has completely different views.

It is quite possible that she will want to go hang out in some club and have fun there until three in the morning. In this case, support her and stretch your limbs at last.

  1. Remember that she is not looking for “daddy”

Do not think that if she is dating you, then she only wants money from you. Many young girls at their age are already quite independent and have their own income. Most likely, she wants to be with you not for the sake of new iPhones or beautiful clothes.

Naturally, you may come across a person for whom money is the main goal, but this does not mean at all that all young girls should be classified equally.

  1. When it’s time to meet her parents, be as calm as possible.

Naturally, many parents will be skeptical that their daughter is dating someone their age. After all, in their opinion, she is so inexperienced, and you are ready to break her heart at any moment.

So when it comes to meeting them, try not to look guilty, talk to them like they are your friends. Easy and casual.

  1. Be prepared to be judged

Very often, when people see a couple with a noticeable age difference, they have two thoughts:

he is her “daddy”;

he is her biological father.

Therefore, do not be surprised if someone throws disapproving glances at you or allows himself criticism of you.

If your girlfriend feels uncomfortable about this, try to explain to her that the ignorance of strangers should not interfere with your relationship.

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