September 27, 2022

How to get a smart girl to like you


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For many men, a smart girl seems like a special person with an unusual mindset. At first glance, her seduction should not go smoothly. However, not everything is so difficult – you can also find your own approach to it.

It is worth remembering one thing – she is also a woman. And like any other woman, she wants love. It’s just that her way of thinking does not allow her to make contact as easily as, say, a “simple girl”. In addition, she probably formed her own opinion about what an ideal man should be.

And in this article we will give you some tips that will help a smart girl like you.

The “Right” Questions

The correct ones are questions in the style of “How do you feel about …?” and “What do you think is important about…?”.

By asking them, you will show that you are not going to meet the first girl that comes across. And that it’s really important for you to know the answers to these questions in order to make some kind of impression.

In addition to “filling up the air time”, you will form an approximate portrait of her. And in the future, you will know how to behave better so as not to fall into the category of people unpleasant to her.

The only thing – do not ask questions about too deep philosophical topics. The closer to real life, the better. 🙂

It is especially interesting to ask questions about controversial topics that have multiple points of view.

Sometimes you can argue

In a conversation with a smart girl (and not only smart, but almost everyone), many guys try to agree with her point of view.

But if you don’t agree with her in something, then at least it will set you apart from the crowd. And as a maximum, she will understand that you are not afraid to say something that girls may not like (this is highly valued by the opposite sex).

The main thing is to use arguments in favor of your point of view in your speech and “dilute” the dialogue with humor.

“Correct” compliments

Simple girls, as intended by nature, do not have a technical mindset. As a rule, they devote themselves to creativity or family.

But when it comes to smart women, things are somewhat different here.

They constantly need approval and confirmation of their “smartness”. And if you give it to her, you will be one step closer to your goal.

For example, you are on a date with her and you feel that it is already coming to an end. You can tell her: “You know, it’s interesting to communicate with you. Many people can fill bumps all their lives and simple things still can’t reach them. And you are one of those who do not need to fill bumps in order to understand even complex things. I love it”.

It is enough to make one such compliment to become a pleasant person for her. 🙂

In the zone of her element

If you know about her hobbies, then you can spend a date in a place / format that will be associated with one of her interests.

The main thing is that you like this place too. This is the only way you can act naturally and be genuinely interested in her hobby.

Ask her questions, ask her to tell what she knows about it. And ask to teach if the hobby is connected with some physical skills.

So you will make a good boost for her pride and let her reveal herself to you in all her glory.

And having received positive emotions, she will definitely connect them with you.

However, this can be done with “ordinary” girls. But with smart ones, it is especially important.

Being a man is everything

If you follow all the above tips, then most likely she will like you, only as a person. Some men do this, forgetting that she is a woman.

But she wants to be with a real man!

In no case do not play the role of a good smart guy – that way you will not achieve anything.

On the contrary, along with the “correct” conversations, try to maintain your masculinity and masculinity. For example, if suddenly we are talking about conflicts, and she says that fighting is bad, then confidently express the exact opposite point of view.

If during your date you encounter disrespect from other people, then do everything possible to emerge victorious from this situation. She may say that you did wrong when you hit the bully, but deep down she will be glad that you did it.

Don’t forget about “marriage games”. Touch and flirt with her to make her feel like a woman.

And always keep a balance: do not only talk about serious topics – dilute them with jokes and flirting. At the same time, your communication should not consist only of flirting – she needs to know that you, at least, have some kind of seriousness and intelligence.

Set the intention, but don’t push

Almost all smart girls have some unique beliefs about relationships with men.

Some of them can normally make contact. Others may resist even the slightest attempts to get closer.

Therefore, signify your intention with touches, kisses, and other attempts at rapprochement. But if you meet resistance from her side, don’t push.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to take active steps to get closer. If you do not show your desire, then she will simply write you down in the category of friends.

Try to pay attention to her reaction. Real discomfort is a sign that your actions are really unpleasant for her. If you do not see discomfort, but only meet verbal resistance, and even with a smile on your face, then you can continue to get closer.

Feeling that she is against it, take a step back – you will only benefit from this than if you continued to be persistent.

With experience, you will learn how to get around her “special” beliefs about relationships and intimacy. In the meantime, try to just pay attention to her reaction and sometimes experiment if the approach did not work for at least a few girls.

And in general, do not think that if she is smart, then now you will meet a bunch of barriers. With this attitude, you will make mistakes one after another, and be afraid to take any steps. Courage and confidence will break through the “shield” of even the smartest girl. 😉

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