September 27, 2022

How to get a girl’s attention and make her want you crazy


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Starting a conversation with a girl is not so difficult. Especially if it’s about someone you already know. But to get special attention from her is a rather difficult task. And to many, it seems unbearable.

You can call and text her. And you can frankly look after, inviting on dates and giving gifts. And it often happens that even if you give all your best, constantly think about her, she still does not take you seriously. Even if you hurt yourself into a cake, she still does not want to perceive you as her boyfriend.

What can we say about those situations when you did not even make any effort to seduce her.

How to get the attention of a girl so that she wants to date you?

As a rule, the main problem of guys is that they perceive her as a goddess. They think that she is initially above them in level, and that her attention must be earned by some actions.

But, in fact, in order to achieve its location, you need to remember once and for all that you are in equal positions. And that you don’t have to try to be nice and romantic in her eyes, and generally make some effort.

Don’t pay too much attention to her

In order for a girl to turn her attention to you, you need to show that you don’t care about her. 🙂


Yes, because any pretty young lady is used to the fact that all men show signs of attention and take the initiative. They are so dependent on her attention that they literally look into her mouth when she says something.

In those moments when she does something or says something, and everyone is watching her, go about your business / thoughts. Don’t even pay attention to her.

It will hook her (maybe not immediately, but hook).

When she said something funny and the whole male team bursts into laughter, sit with a straight face.

Simply put, stand out from the team in the direction of less interest.

However, you should not completely ignore her – sometimes you can talk to her. It’s just that your interest should be dosed.

Social Proof

She must see that those around you appreciate and take into account your opinion. Take an active part in the conversation with the team, “lead” the conversation in the direction you need and joke.

If you already know how to do this, then great – all the girls in your team are not against starting to meet with you (did you still not know about this? ;)).

If you have never been a leader, then try to develop yourself in this direction.

Try to do it at least in those moments when she looks at you. 🙂

Confidence and strength

Or maybe it’s that you don’t manage to establish relations with the team at all. If informal leaders try to make fun of you and question your authority in every possible way, then there are only two ways.

First: go to the end and forever discourage them from wanting to make fun of you. Moreover, to beat off, both in the literal and figurative sense. This path will require you to be a little reckless and willing to risk everything.

Second: confidently respond with the same barbs, so that they become unpleasant. And if they continue their attempts, then they will respond even more harshly and unpleasantly.

Try to choose a line of behavior in which you will at least intersect with these people. And at the same time, always stand up for your rights.

Believe me, buddy, this is very important. She is constantly watching your behavior, and the question of your self-respect, strength and confidence is decisive. As soon as you allow someone to wipe their feet on you, she will begin to like him more than you – such is female nature.

The emotions you evoke

In order for a girl to turn her attention to you, you need to behave in such a way that she is fun and interested. So that she understands that you are interesting, unpredictable and able to challenge women.

What can you do about it?

Go and ask her some unusual question. For example: “Listen, a girl here offered me to be friends. Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman?

This question will show that you are in demand with the opposite sex. And most importantly – you will touch on a topic that they like to talk about and argue about.

In any case, you will challenge her with such a question, since you had the courage to tell her that someone is already claiming you. Her attitude towards you will instantly change, and your question will not go out of her head, at least until the end of the evening.
Another example: “Listen, yesterday a young lady proved to me for 3 hours that a man and a woman can be friends. What do you think about that?”.

Or, “Have you ever fought over a guy? Yesterday I was in a club, and two girls were fighting there. It turned out that one of them came there with her boyfriend, and some girls often approached him, giggled and kissed him on the cheek. And how would you react if you came with a guy somewhere, and someone was constantly glued to him?

All these questions create the right mood in her head and make her associate you with these successful, sought-after guys. Finally, it’s just nice to talk about such topics. And when you evoke any emotions in her, pulling her out of the gray reality, she begins to slowly “sink” on you. 😉

Another good way to evoke emotions in her is to tease her. Sometimes it is useful to make fun of her and her shortcomings. For example, if she scolds herself for something, then you can say that you agree with her (at a time when a regular guy would begin to “support” her). As a rule, this causes a very positive reaction (and you shouldn’t be afraid of a negative one ;)).

Finally, your main trump card is unpredictability. When everyone expects a certain action from you, you can do the opposite. The main thing is that this does not reduce your attractiveness in her eyes.

Don’t respond to her “hooks”

If until now you have not managed to get the attention of a girl, and you wanted to play the role of an indifferent macho for a while, then you may encounter another difficulty.

All the time from the moment you met until the period of indifference, she was convinced over and over again of her own attractiveness for you. And so she lost all desire to meet with you (after all, you are already at her feet). Or maybe it didn’t even show up.

And when you suddenly become indifferent, she has a desire to make sure that her charms still work on you. She can take the initiative herself (write an SMS, call or start a live chat), throwing another “hook”.

And if in this case you will be delighted and begin to reciprocate, then she will be convinced that as soon as she only hangs down, you will immediately be next to her. Interest is lost again, and your continued indifference and macho behavior may lose its former strength.

The solution to this problem is simple: do not immediately respond joyfully to her initiative, instantly respond to her SMS (and if it is banal in the style of “how are you?”, then you can not answer at all :)) or pick up the phone.

When your new behavior begins to cling to her, you can begin to communicate with her. Positive, fun … but not enough. 🙂 So that she misses you all the time.

Then she will appreciate your attention. And will no longer refuse your company.

The main thing is that she should feel your willingness to refuse her. You should not be afraid to be left without a girlfriend – after all, hundreds of beautiful girls are walking around. This is the only thing that will show her your strength and confidence. You must be so calm that even if she refuses, you will not be upset at all. While you follow the new plan and achieve your good goal, at the same time gain experience in communicating and seducing other girls. This experience will help you a lot.

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