September 29, 2022

How to get a girl to like you


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How do some guys manage to attract girls who until recently looked extremely unavailable? What is the secret of their charm, which allows them to turn a cold person into a friendly one who happily goes on a date?

The problem with guys (and indeed, all people) is that they are full of standard stereotypes and attitudes. It is customary for us to believe that in order to conquer the opposite sex, you need to make a lot of effort and try to match their ideas of ideality.

But in fact, contrary to popular belief, getting a girl is much easier. And for this it is not at all necessary to make great efforts. Moreover, it is necessary to act in the exact opposite way.

How exactly? You will learn from this article

Show independence

As long as you do not overcome an important milestone in the relationship (sex), she will constantly test you for strength and confidence. Or in other words, independence.

For this she can refuse you. This is possible even when meeting, when she is happy to keep up a conversation with you, smiles, and in response to an offer to exchange numbers, she says “I have a boyfriend.” As a rule, guys at such moments are lost (and she draws conclusions about their weakness and dependence on her decision). And to show independence from the result, you need to ignore her words and continue to be positive, confident and “cool”.

The same applies to the period when the seduction began. You may have already had one date. Or just started talking on the phone. If you refuse a meeting, you need to be able to continue the conversation (you should not say goodbye immediately after the refusal). And in no case do not express your frustration aloud.

Imagine that you immediately forgot that you invited her somewhere. 🙂 And keep talking in a positive way.

The same should be done in all other situations.

This will show her your independence.

Do not rush!

Don’t try to be like the seducers who want to have sex on the first or second date.

At the beginning of my practice, the best results came to me at the very moment when I tried to enjoy playing with a girl. The pleasure of being able to communicate with her very confidently, sometimes joking. And sometimes even play the role of a busy guy who prefers to do an interesting job, and refuse her a date.

When you are not in a hurry, you create a pleasant tension. She begins to have slight doubts that you like her. And will she be able to interest you as a girl.

This is often very helpful.

Emotions through stories and pastimes

Emotions can be evoked in her in two ways: through stories and through your actions.

Your stories should show that you are a cool guy. And also convey any emotions to her.

They should be very interesting and intense. Pay special attention to who and how in your story reacted to certain circumstances. Little things decide.

In addition, she should also receive emotions from your actions. Where and how you spend time with her, how you react to her questions, how you behave – all this should be such that she considers you unusual.

This is often very helpful.

Communicate as confidently as possible

Communicate as confidently as you can. It’s like you’ve been getting along with the opposite sex since childhood. 🙂

I advise you to pay attention to the communication style of the “bad guys”. Wild confidence, positive, combined with a slight warmth allows them to win the hearts of most girls.

It is difficult enough to teach you to do the same – you yourself must learn this by watching them.

Show value

In your stories, phrases and facts that will show her your confidence, status, demand from the opposite sex and other attractive qualities should, as it were, “accidentally” slip through. For example, you tell a story about where and how you spent your time, and casually mention how “weird” girls looked at you and asked unusual questions.

You can also show value by focusing on your hobby rather than dating it. For example, if you ask her out on a date tomorrow, and she suggests the day after tomorrow, then say that the day after tomorrow you are going to play paintball with your friends. This will show her that you won’t be tailoring your plans to her and that having fun with your friends is more important to you than her.

You may not believe it, but most guys fail only because they can not refuse a girl in favor of their plans.

A little hardness

Sometimes in dealing with women it is important to be able to be a little tough.

For example, when she tries to play her game despite your efforts, when she makes you jealous or disrespectful, it is important to be able to become indifferent, end the communication and not react to her in any way until she begins to behave normally. This is very important, and without it, it will not be possible to truly interest her!

As you can see, in order to get a girl, you need to behave a little differently than everyone is used to. Perhaps this style of behavior is perceived by you as something strange and something that most likely will not work. But until you try to behave in this way, you will never understand what it is like to make her fall in love, despite your “non-standard” behavior. 😉

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