September 27, 2022

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If you don’t have a girlfriend, although hundreds of pretty copies are walking around, it means that no one from the opposite sex likes your behavior. Find out where you made a mistake, and how to behave in a society of girls.

When you realize that your pattern of behavior with the opposite sex does not bring you any result, it is important to know what exactly needs to be changed. Fortunately, you don’t have to completely change your personality – it’s enough to change the key points in your behavior that create that very “male attractiveness”.

Remember you choose!

The very first mistake you can make with a girl is BEFORE you start talking to her. Considering that they choose, and we must prove that we deserve to be with them, you will immediately put yourself in a dependent position.

You see, men have long been trying to instill the idea that they must prove their “worthiness” to the woman they seduce. This idea is beneficial to everyone – not only women, but also sellers of beautiful cars, chewing gum, shampoos … and whatever.

The women themselves, by the way, are very pleased with this state of affairs, and continue to pretend that you must comply with their ideas.

What happens if you start thinking the other way around?

Perhaps it will be a discovery for you, but nature was originally conceived in such a way that a man is the main and choosing one. A woman is a priori below him in terms of level and status.

And every time you talk to a girl, you have to watch:

How good is her sense of humor
how much she is able to understand what you say to her
does she treat you respectfully
whether she is interested in something or instead it is easier for her to “hang out” in nightclubs and walk with friends in shopping centers (or vice versa, if you consider fun to be an important part of life)
whether she has goals and is ready to climb the career ladder
did something interesting happen in her life

There can be many parameters. Come up with your own and evaluate each one on them. During communication, try to break stereotypical behavior patterns, even if she wants to force you to play by her rules.

As soon as you realize that one of her parameters begins to “limp”, it is important to cool off a little towards her and continue communication with the thought: “So be it – maybe you will surprise me with something else.”

And most importantly – you really have to be ready to stop communicating if she does not match your level. This is a key moment that will make her believe in the power of your confidence.

And if you never evaluated girls and always tried to adapt to them, then at least try to inspire yourself with the idea that you always evaluated them.This will help you a little.

Make your own decisions!

You decide where you go, what you do, and when.

Many guys ask girls if she wants to go somewhere. Or, instead of just taking her to another place, with an inquiring expression on her face, they offer to do it.

“Well, what about her comfort?” – you ask.

Believe me: even if she is a little uncomfortable in any place, she will endure it simply because you decided so. If the discomfort is strong, then you yourself will notice it and will soon move with her to another place.

But asking if she wants to go somewhere is not necessary.

And even when she puts forward her own conditions for a meeting, try not to agree to them. Most likely, her conditions and initiative are just a test that will help her understand how ready you are to adapt to her.

It is especially important to make decisions and act actively in “sensitive” situations, and not look at her with a blank look.

Insolence and out of bounds

Your inner desires will always be in conflict with the moral standards that exist now. And if it seems to you that your desires quite coexist with the existing morality, then most likely it is not so. It’s just that internal limitations prevent you from fully satisfying your desires and needs.

You need to strive to ensure that you can slightly go beyond the generally accepted framework, and do what others are afraid of.

This applies to your actions, both in relation to the girl, and in relation to other people. An easy way out of the box, combined with a slight positive – this is what will make you very attractive in the eyes of even the one who allegedly “does not like arrogant guys.”

Flirting and teasing

Without flirting and jokes, she will perceive you simply as a friend. Even if you tell interesting stories and spend time with her regularly, she will send you to the “friend zone” if you do not show your intention and sexuality.

Flirting with her is the only way to show your sexual intent.

And if you can also make fun of her in an interesting way (which, by the way, is also considered flirting), then you show that your interest still needs to be earned. When you tease her, she understands that you are used to communicating with the opposite sex and are not afraid that she might leave you.

Be indomitable!

Almost always you will meet with the fact that she will force you to lead you in the way she pleases. She may ask you for something or criticize your actions, trying to arouse feelings of guilt. In general, by all means trying to influence your behavior. Despite all the variety of options, the goal of this event is the same – to test your strength. Or gradually drive under the heel if you find yourself mentally weak.

But if suddenly she manages to do this, consider that your relationship has come to an end. Even if they continue, she will not truly love you. Quarrels, problems, phrases “We need to break up”, “Let’s take a break” and so on will begin.

Do you need it? Of course not!

So don’t ever fall for it. Do not change your behavior under the influence of her criticism, make fun of her when she tries to somehow influence you. Keep acting brazen and positive if you make your face brick when you “stick” to her.

These are key points that you should always keep in mind. In general, you can read a bunch of articles and get different tips on how to behave with girls and how not to. But in fact, few things are as important as all of the above. Even if you “pump” yourself in appearance and the ability to speak beautifully, but continue to make mistakes in one of the points above, you will not be able to fully feel what real female attraction is.

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