How to become a blockchain developer in 2023


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You won’t get into web3 right away
There is no question of any 3 months of study when you learn programming from scratch, especially in web3. Get ready to spend at least six months or a year on mastering the base, and the same amount on practice.

I didn’t meet anyone who took courses, including top companies, and immediately began to write good valid code.

Yes, the language itself, including Solidity, can, and its syntax learns pretty quickly, but the ability to use it comes only with practice.

So where do you start?

First of all, when talking about web3, you need to decide which blockchain you want to work with in the future. The most popular at the moment are Ether and Solana with Solidity and Rust languages. Initially, it was Ether that aroused more trust and confidence in me, so I will continue to talk about it from the standpoint of my experience.

So, if you want to become a full-fledged blockchain developer, then you need to start from the very basis: html, which creates the site skeleton, and css, which adorns this skeleton.

At the same time, html itself has advanced quite a lot, and a lot of new things have appeared there. Having learned it, you will be able to correctly and beautifully design the base of your future project so that it is well indexed on the web.

Getting started learning javascript
If learning html and css with regular classes and practice will take you about a month, then you will have to spend a lot of time on js.

We learn syntax, functions, OOP, practice with mini projects. Youtube videos have great tutorials for this.

When you feel confident, you can connect libraries and add-ons over js. And without fail, we first learn typescript.

Next is the Node.js software platform. Fortunately for web3, you don’t have to delve deep into node to understand how it works and is used. It is enough to be able to install packages and run nodes.

After that, we choose react.js or vue.js for further study, while already within the framework of typescript.

I would also recommend learning one of the project styling frameworks after that, such as Bootstrap, Materialize or Tailwind. This is not required, but a bonus on a resume would be nice!

Only according to preliminary estimates, all this training will take you from six months. From now on, you can try to get a job with new knowledge to get more practice.

And only now web3
Having learned javascript and everything related, you can start learning Solidity.

The language itself is quite modest and simple. Having worked with js, you will have no problems understanding the new syntax.

Along with it, you will also have to learn how to work with Hardhat or Truffle, some kind of development and testing environment for smart contracts.

After that, there are two ways: to focus solely on writing smart contracts, for which you will already have sufficient knowledge, or to grow further to a full-fledged blockchain developer.

As a smart contract developer, those who can conduct security audits and improve the quality of code and currency transfers are highly valued.

The job of a blockchain developer goes beyond just writing contracts. Here you will not only have to learn how to work with third-party services like TheQraph, Chainlink, Apollo, Gnosis, but also get the skills to connect to decentralized exchanges like Uniswap or Pancake. Moreover, you may be asked to write a full-fledged application for clients that will query and send data to the blockchain.

And all this will take much more than six months or a year.

By the way, it should be mentioned here that if you learned Python, then it is also suitable for a blockchain developer. However, you will meet an order of magnitude less documentation on this than for javascript.

You should not believe advertising messages that convince you that you can become a good programmer in a month or two. Yes, syntax is easy to learn, but it’s all about practice.

Six months ago, I was absolutely sure: “If you want to learn a language, start doing a project in it”, but now this has changed a bit.

Only by studying the field, you can learn about the tools that create convenience for development. For example, you will learn that in a particular example, you can “not fence crutches”, but use a third-party solution.

Also, do not worry that learning a new profession takes so much time. This is knowledge that will be relevant for a long time, and in any case, even with a base, you can find a good job.

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