September 27, 2022

EU regulators plan to control crypto transactions


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Representatives of the European Union Securities and Exchange Regulatory Authority (ESMA) said they will pay more attention to the control of the cryptocurrency sector. To do this, new measures for the supervision of transactions in this industry will be created. Experts noted: the EU crypto community has 2 weeks, starting from August 3, 2022, to join the discussion of these issues, win the tender for security and help the organization make the right decisions.

It became known: ESMA is looking for ways to control over-the-counter cryptographic data or information about spot transactions, as well as transactions with cryptocurrency derivatives on centralized exchanges and other trading platforms (OTC). The press service of the organization has published an open tender document aimed at collecting additional information about data on crypto transactions. ESMA employees are counting on specialized companies to help solve these problems, for which a tender contract for $102,000 was offered. The competition will end on August 17, 2022.

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