September 27, 2022

CryptoSpend has released a cashback card in Ripple (XRP)


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It became known that the first plastic payment card was issued in Australia, which has a rewards program with the payment of cashback in Ripple (XRP). Clients of CryptoSpend can receive up to 3% bonus from the purchase amount in XRP cryptocurrency for spending both fiat and digital money.

As part of this initiative, CryptoSpend users will be rewarded with cashback on the day of purchase, according to an announcement from local news outlet Australian Fintech. The organization’s CEO, Andrew Grech, said the new rewards program is designed to benefit the company’s customers and CryptoSpend cardholders.

According to him, by rewarding users with XRP cryptocurrency on the day of payment, the firm shows concern for consumers. Grech assured that purchases made in Australian dollars (AUD) will also include a 3% bonus in XRP digital coins.

CryptoSpend became the first fintech company in Australia to issue Visa-enabled cryptocurrency payment cards and in partnership with Novatti Group back in 2021. Representatives of the company noted that the number of daily transactions has increased in the past six months, despite the collapse of the digital market.

Grech stressed that the popularity of virtual currencies is steadily growing among Australian citizens. More and more people are starting to use crypto coins for their daily expenses. According to the specialist, society has demonstrated its readiness to accept a new method of payment for consumer goods.

According to local analysts, the adoption of cryptocurrencies will grow exponentially in the next few years.

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