September 29, 2022

Committee investigating Capitol assault claims possible case against Trump


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The collected evidence may be sufficient grounds for a criminal charge against former US President Donald Trump. On Sunday, June 12, a member of the congressional committee investigating the assault on the Capitol told the Associated Press.

“I would like to see the DOJ investigate all credible allegations of criminal activity by Trump,” said Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff.

However, he noted that some evidence of the investigation has not yet been provided.

Earlier, on April 22, it was reported that former US President Donald Trump denied the information that he allegedly admitted responsibility in the case of the riots on Capitol Hill in Washington on January 6, 2021.

Prior to this, on April 5, Trump’s daughter Ivanka testified for eight hours to a special commission of the US House of Representatives in the case of the storming of the Capitol. On the day of the storming of the US Congress by the protesters, Ivanka was in the west wing of the building and, according to a letter sent to her by the commission of inquiry into the incident, maintained “direct contact” with her father.

Last December, a congressional committee investigating the assault demanded phone records from more than 100 people, including those close to Trump. Thus, members of the committee plan to establish a connection between the entourage of the former US president and the organizers of the rally, which turned into an assault on the Capitol.

On January 6, 2021, Trump supporters broke into the Capitol due to disagreement with the election results. Five people became victims of the riots, including US Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt from the side of the demonstrators and a policeman.

More than 535 Americans have been charged with storming the Capitol. 10 participants in the attack on the Congress building pleaded guilty. Meanwhile, the identity of another 300 rioters at that time had not been established.

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