September 29, 2022

Cinema, euthanasia or the battle for life: which script will Alain Delon choose


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86-year-old Alain Delon intends to resort to euthanasia if his state of health after two experienced strokes is critical. Since euthanasia is prohibited in France, the great actor intends to die in Switzerland, where it is legalized. The actor’s family treats his words differently. Izvestia collected everything that is known about this.

Funeral moods
Alain Delon’s eldest son Anthony told about the difficult decision.

“More recently, in a burst of revelation, my father told me: “Tony, if one day something happens to me, I find myself in a coma and they connect me to the device, I want you to turn me off. Promise you will.” I promised, – Anthony Delon shared. It is always difficult to be the eldest son in a family. Usually it is on him that parents rely most of all, they pin hopes on him, he bears the burden of responsibility.

Over the past decade, Alain Delon has often indulged – sometimes not without humor – in discussions about death. He “had to come to terms with the fact that there are no immortal people.” Of course, getting old is disgusting, but there’s nothing to be done about it, he reflected. This is age – vision disappears, everything hurts, you get confused in your own legs.

He even thought over the script for his funeral: “I don’t want public pompous ceremonies that disgust me.” The movie star will find his last refuge in a chapel on his Soul estate in central France: “I have always dreamed of being buried with my 35 dogs (among them the Siberian Shepherds Shalva and Chara, presented to the actor by Russian General Alexander Lebed, with whom they had a close friendship. — “News”). There leads the path of those who want to bow to my grave.

A few years ago, Delon first spoke publicly about euthanasia. The actor said that he was afraid not so much of death as of physical suffering – the inevitable companions of old age. Since euthanasia is prohibited in France, Delon chose Switzerland, where he lives for about three decades.

“I am for euthanasia with both hands,” he said in an interview with the international TV channel TV 5 Monde. “The age is coming when a person should have the right to calmly end his life path without unnecessary torment, hospitals, injections and other things. In Exit Suisse (Swiss Association for the Right to a Dignified Death. – Izvestia) everything is perfectly organized. You are in your room with loved ones whom you invited to say goodbye, and you have the last word.”

Nevertheless, Delon’s biographer, on condition of anonymity, told Izvestia that, in his opinion, the actor would hardly go for euthanasia.

  • Alain today remains a die-hard fighter who loves life too much to take this step. He always believed and believes in himself and will fight to the last breath.

Conversations with the Virgin Mary
In January last year, the ex-wife of Alain Delon, 79-year-old Natalie Barthelemy-Delon, died of pancreatic cancer. At her head, Anthony has been on duty for the last few days, along with his girlfriend, the Italian actress Sveva Alviti.

“Mom decided to resort to euthanasia,” Anthony recalls. Everything was ready for this. Luckily, she didn’t need to. I won’t say that the last night was easy, but my mother asked at 6 in the morning to leave her alone, and at 11 o’clock she calmly left us forever. My father was very touched that I was with her until the end.”

Two years ago, Delon had two strokes one after another, after which he came to his senses and was even going to star in his “most recent” film. As a director, he saw Lisa Azuelos, the daughter of the famous actress and singer Marie Laforet, with whom Delon acted in films.

He took up the choice of the script, but it has not yet reached the point of filming. Finally, after a long search, he had a new lady of the heart – Japanese Hiromi.

The former movie star describes herself as “Catholic, but not zealous.” Now he, according to him, “communicates” with the Virgin Mary: “I have conversations with her, tell her about everything, ask for advice. The Mother of God consoles me, she is always with me.

Delon Sr. does not want, after his death, the children-heirs to arrange intra-family disassembly over the inheritance.

At one time, Anthony refused his father’s offer to act as executor – executor of the will. Recently, his younger sister Anushka took over the role.

Lawyer Nicolas Rebbo estimates the legacy of Alain Delon – real estate in France and Switzerland, art collections, copyrights – at several million euros. In addition to two sons and a daughter, the 58-year-old illegitimate son of the actor, photographer Ari Boulogne, continues to count on his share. He has been fighting for years in the courts to be recognized as one of the heirs.

Whip upbringing
57-year-old Anthony Delon has just released his autobiographical notes “Between the dog and the wolf” (this is how the twilight is called in French, when it is impossible to distinguish a pet from a beast. – “Izvestia”).

One of the main characters in the memoirs is his father.

“My book is not settling scores with him. There is no hatred or resentment in it, but there is love, even if I do not hide the suffering that my father caused me. I don’t spare my mother either,” explains Anthony. “I have always been terrified of my father. He experienced inexplicable fear when he entered the room, when we were sitting at the table or driving in a car. Perhaps the reason for this was his imperious, intolerant nature.

Indeed, some episodes of memories chill the soul. This, in particular, is a story about how Alain Delon beat his little son with a whip because, according to the parent, he did not know how to keep himself at the table: “Angry, he threw my plate out the open window. Then he ordered: “Go to your room.” He came and started hitting me with a leather whip, the same one he ironically used in the Zorro movie. I curled up on the bed so it wouldn’t hurt so much. Physical suffering was erased from my memory, on the contrary, the wounds inflicted by words did not heal for a long time … I would not do this even with my dogs.

In the family as in a pack of wolves
In the Delon family, according to Anthony, as in a wolf pack, everyone had to obey the leader. Consciously or not, Alain Delon suppressed the personality of his son. Anthony told how his father locked him in a cage with dogs to build his character. One day, a parent decided to check if his son had “eggs” and ordered a 12-year-old boy to walk around a large lake located on the territory of their Soul estate on a winter night.

Then another conflict arose because of advertising. In 1982, Delon Sr. learned that Mitsubishi wanted to invite 17-year-old Anthony to advertise cars instead of him. “If you do that, you will have an enemy – your father,” recalls Anthony, who had to refuse a lucrative contract.

“I was not afraid of a new collision, but the very thought of disappointing my father scared me,” Anthony admits. He saw that I was handsome, young. This apparently caused him uncontrollable jealousy and severe frustration. He himself was no longer 20. His anger gave rise to the desire to impose his will on me.

As soon as the autobiography of Delon Jr. was published a few days ago, the famous producer Dominique Besnear began preparations for the filming of a television series based on her motives, about the Delon family.

“The war is over, we laid down our arms,” Anthony told Izvestia. – We are talking. I have forgiven everything, but I never forget anything.

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