Bitcoin could have been called Netcoin


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It became known that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) could be called Netcoin. According to AnonymousSpeech, a domain name selling service, the address was registered on August 17, 2008. A day later, was purchased on the same Japanese service. Experts expressed the opinion that the purchases were made by the same person – Satoshi Nakamoto

Analysts of the Cointelegraph service emphasized that coming up with a name for a new service or company can be called one of the most difficult tasks when creating a business. Historical evidence suggested that Satoshi Nakamoto had an alternative name for the flagship cryptocurrency, which ultimately did not make it into the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

Blockchain industry researcher Or Weinberger said that no content was ever hosted on the domain site, and later this address was later bought by someone else. The expert also noted that the final name for the virtual asset could have influenced its popularity. Many members of the crypto community have assured that they like Netcoin much less than Bitcoin.

It also became known: the domain was unpaid and then deleted. A year later, he was re-registered by the service. For 13 years, the cryptocurrency community has continued to wonder who is behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto, and who is actually the developer of bitcoin. However, the answer has not yet been found.

The BTC cryptocurrency has continued to dominate the financial markets. Bitcoin has become a key payment instrument for customers despite the high volatility of the virtual asset, according to BitPay.

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