September 29, 2022

Binance to Suspend Transactions on the Tron Network


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The well-known cryptocurrency platform Binance announced on its blog that it intends to carry out technical work on maintenance of wallets in the Tron ecosystem from June 23. The message does not indicate when the depreciation activities will end. However, users have been notified that all deposits and withdrawals on the Tron network will be suspended for this period. At the same time, it is specified that customers will be able to make trading operations without restrictions.

It is noteworthy that a week ago, the Binance exchange suspended deposits and withdrawals of BTC coins in emergency mode. This decision was due to a hung transaction on the network. Then, on June 13, the quotes of the flagship cryptocurrency reached $23,964. At the auction on June 18, 2022, the bitcoin rate dropped to $17,700 at the moment. On Monday, June 20, Bitcoin systematically restores its positions, holding above the level of $20,000.

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