Binance hosted a BUSD stablecoin raffle


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The press service of the Binance exchange announced the distribution of Binance Card cards and rewards for completing missions. Users got the opportunity to win Binance USD (BUSD) for free. Representatives of the trading platform said that they divided the new program into 3 missions.

According to the data, Mission A offers to order a Binance card instantly and make several transactions with it in order to receive up to 1000 BUSD as a reward to their spot wallet on the site. The offer will be available from October 1 to October 3, 2022. In addition, 5 users will be randomly selected and each will receive a 999 BUSD voucher.

Mission B offers to register a new Binance account and order a card to receive up to 1049 BUSD as a reward. Users who successfully complete a Binance Card within 30 days of registering a Binance account and successfully complete at least one transaction with it will receive BUSD in their wallet. In this case, 5 lucky winners will also be selected to win a prize of 999 BUSD.

Mission C invites all existing users of the exchange to make transactions using the card, for each of which they will be able to receive 0.1 BUSD to their spot wallet.

Under the terms of the platform, Mission A and Mission C are only applicable to users from countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) excluding the Netherlands, Germany, and Binance Refugee crypto card holders. Mission B excludes users from the same countries and is also not available to citizens of Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Poland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Binance Refugee holders.

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