September 27, 2022
Donald Trump, Joe Biden.

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US President Joe Biden joked about former head of state Donald Trump, saying that he calls for his help when he needs to flush government documents down the toilet. He said this in an interview with ABC.

During the conversation, TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel jokingly asked the American leader which restroom he uses when he gets rid of documents: personal or located in the White House office.

“I am calling for Trump’s help,” Biden replied to Kimmel’s question, but then assured that he did not destroy important documents.

In February, Axios reported that some White House staff in the Trump administration found crumpled documents in the toilet. They believe that this is how the ex-president of the United States tried to get rid of the papers. Such a statement was made in the book of the New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman “The Fraudster”. Trump later called these messages fake.

On May 6, American political scientist Malek Dudakov compared the ratings of the current and previous presidents. The expert came to the conclusion that if the presidential elections in the United States were held now, then Donald Trump would confidently bypass the current head of state Joe Biden. In addition, he pointed to the results of polls in the United States, according to which Trump quite seriously bypasses Biden by a margin of up to 14%.

On May 2, Donald Trump said at a rally of his supporters in Nebraska that Joe Biden had harmed the United States more than the worst five American heads of state combined. Trump also noted that the current head of state is responsible for the events in Ukraine. He stressed that the current situation carries the risk of unleashing a new world war.

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