September 27, 2022

Biden called for increased security measures in the United States due to the growth of crime


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US city administrations should take care of the safety of residents and prepare in advance for a seasonal surge in crime. This was announced on Friday, May 13, by the head of state Joe Biden

“Use the facilities we have provided for you to ensure public safety. Do this before the start of the summer season, when the crime rate usually rises. Taking action today will save lives tomorrow. So use the money, hire cops, build your emergency response systems, invest in proven solutions,” he said during an event at the White House.

Earlier in the day, the American leader ordered $10 billion in budgetary allocations to ensure security and prevent all forms of violence.

It is assumed that these funds will open 460 thousand jobs, including for the police. In addition, a significant part of the money will go to the development of emergency intervention projects, the provision of crisis centers, the support of mental health services, etc.

Earlier, on March 2, President Biden called for tighter firearms controls as part of a crackdown on violence. He emphasized that initiatives related to the verification of potential buyers and the ban on the acquisition of assault weapons “do not violate the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, but save lives.”

In addition, Biden spoke about criticism of police officers after the death of George Floyd during detention in May 2020 (after that, mass protests began in the country. – Ed.).

He noted that the refusal to finance law enforcement agencies is not an option.

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