September 27, 2022

Avast Antivirus Review 2022-Is it worth to get?


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Avast, whose name literally means “to stop,” has a solid reputation for offering system and online security across a variety of operating systems. Avast has created a number of online security and privacy measures, as well as related utility applications, in an effective effort to live up to its reputation. These products are intended to stop potential malware attacks and viruses from infecting your PC. But among them, there are three, and ideally four (I’ll discuss them later), products that offer virus defense.

But how does Avast stack up against other industry titans that dominate the antivirus market? How admirable is that? And are the features of Avast Premium Security worth the price?

Avast Antivirus Review : Products

As stated above, there are three main Avast antivirus solution packages:

Premium security for one device
Premium security for multiple devices
For those wondering after reading the first option, well, it’s true. Avast is one of the few and the only one among the leading developers of antivirus solutions that offers Free versions of their product. But yes, there are some areas where you’ll have to compromise on features, but even the free version offers top-notch security and virus protection. The features of this version include protection against all kinds of malware and viruses that can infect your system, as well as protecting your Wi-Fi network and securely logging into various online accounts over the Internet. Premium Security Deal provides an extra layer of security for your system as well as online activities. This will help you avoid websites that run on unsecured servers, activates a robust firewall on your network connection, and secures your webcam from prying eyes. Multiple Device Premium Security offers the same features across multiple devices, including phones, thus providing comprehensive security for all computer systems and phones in your home.

In addition, Avast offers a fourth type of security solution called Avast Ultimate, which is a bundled package with three different protection and security products developed by Avast. It’s a combination of Avast’s Premium Security Antivirus, Avast’s Secureline VPN, and Avast’s Cleanup Premium. These three features combine to form a protective shield over your computer as it simply does not protect it from viruses and other online threats and viruses; but also optimizes the system by deep scanning and cleaning the hard drive of junk and junk. It also secures internet connections by masking IP addresses and similar personal information.

What are the features of Avast antivirus?
When it comes to antivirus, the only problematic product should be Avast Premium Security as it is enough to maintain a secure computer system and a secure network connection. However, we will discuss all the features that come with all four variants of Avast Antivirus and then suggest the best one.

Malware and virus protection
For any antivirus solution, virus detection and protection is an important function that tests its competence. And Avast’s reputation speaks to its competence in detecting and removing viruses. The software has six different levels that perform a deep scan of the system to detect viruses or malware and effectively remove any traces found. It not only detects the infection in the system, but also prevents your PC from getting infected with malware or viruses in real time.

The software is a cross-platform solution that works for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, providing protection on all devices.

Avast CloudCare
This is a feature of Avast web protection where the software checks each URL and determines if it is malicious or problematic. If any such information is found, the software will disable your Internet access.

Ransomware Protection
A ransomware attack can threaten your system files, online credentials, and other personal information. The attackers will demand a hefty ransom in exchange for access to and control of these files.

Avast Antivirus Ransomware Protection offers protection against encryption attacks, webcam threats, ransomware Trojans, and password theft threats.

The Ultimate Avast Antivirus Kit comes with a free decryption tool that allows users to frequently decrypt ransomware encryption.

Phishing Protection
Avast claims to use artificial intelligence to monitor phishing sites and email addresses on the Internet. This provides strong, fast, and reliable consumer protection against potential phishing attacks in real time, while also ensuring online privacy.

WiFi Inspector

WiFi Inspector is designed to monitor and analyze the network connection on your computer and determine if these connections have any vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. This feature is not limited to scanning system network connections, but also monitors routers, mobile phones, and other IoT devices connected to the Internet.

Avast AntiTrack
This is a browser extension that is separately priced with Avast Antivirus and is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera. The extension, when activated, encrypts or masks your browsing activity, blocking web ads, protecting your browsing history, and protecting your login credentials.

Thus, users can surf the web while remaining anonymous. In addition, by blocking ads, advertisers cannot track your online activity and preferences for further ad targeting measures.

Password Premium

This is another paid feature (but included in the Ultimate package) that allows users to store important passwords in secure built-in storage. Users generally tend to use the same password for multiple accounts so they don’t have to remember too many credentials; however, this poses a serious threat to all accounts, as if the password is revealed, all logins will be compromised.

Using Password Premium can help users to simply store multiple passwords in a vault and then enable the autofill feature for all login credentials on any supported browser.

Game Mode Avast
This is a feature that optimizes the gaming experience of users. Avast Game Mode pauses Windows feature updates, stops background processes, and disables all notifications and sounds to reduce interruptions to your gaming session. By killing background processes, Game Mode also relieves system memory and allocates an extra component in RAM to keep the game running smoothly and without lag.

Secure Line VPN
SecureLine VPN is a feature included with Avast Ultimate Security. Like all VPNs, SecureLine offers encryption of all data transmitted between the browser and the servers of the visited sites. In addition, SecureLine has more than 50 servers that it uses to tunnel data before it reaches the site’s servers, and therefore masks the IP address and protects all activities on the Internet.


This is an optional paid feature (included with Avast Ultimate Security) that optimizes and cleans the system more than it protects. It removes junk and clutter from your hard drive and removes unnecessary items and applications. This improves the performance of the system and improves its functional state. Moreover, it also increases the disk space on your system or any other device.

For use on a personal computer, we recommend using Avast Premium Security packaging. Users can choose several devices if they have more users in the family or among acquaintances who want to purchase Avast Antivirus. Although Free Version offers protection against harmful programs and detecting viruses in the system using deep scanning, there are many functions that will be available at a separate price, such as WiFi Inspector, Data Shredder, Password Premium, etc.

Here are the functions that will be included in the package with Avast Premium Security:

โ€“ Thorough analysis of network security through Wi-Fi Inspector

โ€“ Real-time protection against viruses, malware, phishing attacks, adware, etc.

โ€“ Behavioral analysis for browsers to identify potential threats associated with ransomware attacks.

โ€“ CyberCapture feature that isolates downloaded files (from the Internet) in the cloud for security checks.

  • Game mode Avast to optimize the gaming experience by turning off background processes and notifications.

โ€“ Protection via webcam and email (to detect viruses in attachments).

  • Automatic program updates to keep the system in top working condition.

โ€“ Web protection by blocking malicious ads on websites.

โ€“ Protection against ransomware by monitoring browser activity for potential threats related to ransomware attacks.

If users need a secure VPN, we would not recommend using SecureLine, but choose another VPN service and pay for it separately, since SecureLine does not have multiple proxy servers and is unreliable when it comes to tunneling encrypted data. You can choose the best VPN services from this list and get a secure and encrypted connection to your private network.

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