September 29, 2022

Antony Starr, the entertainer from ‘The Boys,’ has been apprehended in Spain


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Antony Starr, most popular for playing ‘Homelander’ on the Amazon Prime Video series ‘The Boys’, was apprehended in Alicante, Spain recently.

Starr has purportedly been given a year suspended jail sentence in the wake of conceding a smashed attack on a gourmet expert in a Costa Blanca bar.

According to the reports, the 46-year-old entertainer was purportedly in the space shooting a film with Guy Ritchie, he supposedly hit a 21-year-old Venezuelan man upside the head two times during a squabble.

In an explanation through The Daily Mail, a representative for Spain’s National Police said: “I can affirm a 46-year-elderly person was captured following an episode at a bar in Alicante around 2.30am on March 2.”

The cook was taken to medical clinic and apparently got four lines over his eye.

Assortment reports that “any conviction of under two years in Spain is naturally suspended assuming the blameworthy accomplice has no crook record, just like Starr’s case.” Antony needs to pay a $5,464.97 fine inside 72 hours.

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